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16-09-11 - Support by the United States Trade and Development Agency to Zorlu Energy’s Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant

The geothermal power plant of 30 MW installed power, planned to be built by Zorlu Jeotermal Enerji Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş., a subsidiary of the Zorlu Energy Group, receives a grant of 393,627 dollars from the United States Trade and Development Agency.

In the statement he made at the signature ceremony, the Chairman of the Zorlu Energy Group, Murat Sungur Bursa has said that the grant provided by the United States Trade and Development Agency to encourage the private sector for clean energy investments, will be used in the reservoir assessment and feasibility studies of the new power plant they will establish at the Alaşehir geothermal site.  
The Alaşehir geothermal site is located on the Gediz Graben, which is one of the largest grabens in Western Anatolia. Zorlu Jeotermal has accessed a productive geothermal source of high temperature in the first borehole it has drilled. The borehole of 10 MW geothermal power also bears the feature of being the first commercial borehole discovered in the area suitable for electricity generation. Following the completion of the reservoir assessment and feasibility studies, Zorlu Jeotermal plans to start the construction of the power plant, which will have 30 MW installed power, in 2012.
The new power plant will start generation in 2014
Murat Sungur Bursa has expressed that they plan to take the new power plant, investment costs of which are expected to be over 100 million dollars, into operation in 2014. Pointing out to the fact that the Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant will be the first geothermal power plant in the region, Bursa said, “We are hoping that the researches and the drilling activities being carried out by Zorlu Jeotermal in this region will lead the way to new investments and provide direction to new investigations”. Murat Sungur Bursa said that the Alaşehir Geothermal Power Plant will play a significant role in meeting Turkey’s objective to increase its installed geothermal power to the levels of 200 MW. Bursa also mentioned that they will provide support for the development of new business areas in the region, primarily led by green-housing and thermal tourism, by this investment.

Zorlu Energy concentrates on geothermal investments in 2011
The investments of the Zorlu Energy Group in the geothermal field also are in progress in Denizli-Kızıldere and Kütahya-Simav regions, in addition to Alaşehir. Zorlu Doğal Elektrik has carried out the rehabilitation activities over the past three years in the Kızıldere Geothermal Power Plant, which it had taken over in 2008 by the ADÜAŞ tender, and restored the power plant’s capacity to the installed power of 15 MW.
Zorlu Energy Group’s Chairman Murat Sungur Bursa has said that they have accelerated their activities for a new investment at Kızıldere, which will have 60 MW electrical and 50 MW thermal power. Bursa has advised that the available power plant, with the new investment planned to be implemented in 2013, will reach an annual electricity generation capacity of 600 million kWh.
Murat Sungur Bursa has mentioned that the activities at Kütahya-Simav, which is another site in Turkey of significant geothermal potential, are also in progress, and said, “We currently are at the investigation stage. We will decide on investing based on the results of the investigations.”
About Zorlu Jeotermal Enerji Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş.:

Zorlu Jeotermal, a subsidiary of the Zorlu Energy Group, where Zorlu Enerji has 73% shares, Zorlu Endüstriyel 20%, Zorlu O&M 5%, Zorlu Elektrik Ticaret 1% and Zorlu Doğal Ticaret has 1% share, has been founded in 2008, for the purposes of developing projects to meet energy, steam and heat requirements, prepare feasibility studies, establish electrical energy generation facilities operating on any kind of renewable energy resources and to sell the energy generated by these facilities. Zorlu Jeotermal, within the framework of the exploration license it has in the Alaşehir geothermal site, has carried our geological and geophysical surveys, drilling, reservoir testing and assessment activities, and then has obtained the 30 years’ operation license for the site in 2010.  In August 2010, the company has received the electricity generation license for the geothermal power plant to be established on the site with 30 MW installed power.


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