Zorlu Energy Group was founded with the establishment of Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Üretim Inc. (Zorlu Energy) in 1993. It is a group of companies serving at a global scale in different fields of the energy sector. Zorlu Energy Group offers an integrated service in various fields of the energy sector especially through production and sales of electricity and vapor carried out by Zorlu Energy, its only company open to public.





Zorlu Energy Electricity Generation Co. Inc. operates in fields: “Electricity Generation”,  "Electricity Distribution", “Electricity Sales and Trade”.




Zorlu Energy Group makes difference among its rivals with its integrated structure which combines engineering, supply and construction services with maintenance, repair and operation services.


Corporate Development

• Market reputation,

• Long-established experience and corporate values


Operational Power

• High-capacity production power,
• Qualified human resources,
• Balanced portfolio,
• Resource diversity and
• Competency of offering innovative solutions


Integrated Sustainability

• Environment protection,
• Ensuring stakeholders’ participation,
• Working responsibly,
• Contribution to social and cultural life,
• Well-functioning corporate management,
• Holistic sustainability approach on the basis of qualified human resources


Local and Renewable Energy Investments

• Increasing rate of local and renewable resources within the total installed power thanks to new investments and power plants taken over by privatization tender.





•Zorlu Energy has  644  MW, 991  MW with overseas investments installed capacity.

•%73 of Zorlu Energy’s total installed power in Turkey and 53% of its total installed power depend on renewable energy resources.

• Kızıldere II Power Plant is one of the biggest in Turkey with 80 MW of installed power and among the most important geothermal power plants in the world.

• Zorlu Energy’s 3 geothermal power plants have 140 MW of total installed power.

• Zorlu Energy represents approximately 22% of the total geothermal installed power in Turkey.

• Zorlu Energy has 4 wind farms in Turkey and 1 in Pakistan with a total capacity of 272 MW.

•The wind farm located in Jhimpir, Pakistan, one of the best wind corridors in the world, has 56,4 MW of installed power. Zorlu Energy successfully put in operation the first two phases of Sarıtepe-Demirciler Wind Farm within the framework of Rotor II project. Sarıtepe-Demirciler Wind Farm project has 80,3 MW of installed power and started to electricity production in full capacity.

• Zorlu Energy Group has a natural gas cycle plant founded with a share of 25% and 2 natural gas cogeneration plants founded with a share of 42,15% in Israel. Dorad Natural Gas Cycle Plant is able to meet alone approximately 6% of Israel’s energy requirement. The electricity generated in the plant is sold to main customers of the country via official and private institutions in Israel. Ramat Negev and Ashdod Natural Gas Cogeneration Plants, with respectively 126,4 MW and 64,5 MW of installed capacity, have been activated. Zorlu Energy’s investments in Israel meet 7% of the energy requirement of the country.


• Zorlu Energy continues its research and investment plans for solar energy, a field where our country has a high potential. In line with this purpose, Zorlu Solar Energy Supply and Trade Inc. was founded in the first quarter of 2016 in order to produce electricity out of solar power at home and abroad; to rent, buy, export photovoltaic panels (PV) and place them on roofs; to offer any related installation services as well as consultation services; and to carry out capacity wholesale activities for electricity energy.


• Zorlu Energy carries on its electricity distribution and sales activities in the Osmangazi Electricity Distribution Region includes Eskişehir, Bilecik, Uşak, Afyon and Kütahya which realizes about 4 percent of electricity consumption in Turkey. Zorlu Energy provides electricity distribution service for over 1.5 million subscribers in the region.


• Zorlu Energy is the only energy company with ISO 14064-1 “Greenhouse Emission Standard Certificate” in Turkey.

• Zorlu Energy is the first company in Turkey to calculate its carbon footprint.

• Zorlu Energy has published the first sustainability report in the energy sector in Turkey.



• Zorlu Electricity Energy Import, Export and Wholesale Trade Inc. (Zorlu Electricity) is a Zorlu Energy Group company founded in 2000 with the purpose of buying electricity from home or free zones and selling it at home as wholesale or direct sale as or exporting it to abroad. The company successfully operates in the energy sector with the “Supply License” granted by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey (EPDK).

• Within the scope of its main activities, Zorlu Electricity carry out demand and price estimations, production planning, pricing, sales, risk and portfolio management, reconciliation and invoicing activities. With bilateral agreements, the company offers cost-effective, market-adapted, hourly and periodic tariff packages which are adapted convenient for consumers’ consumption volume and habits and comes up with solutions minimizing their costs.




With nearly 25 years of experience and expertise in the energy sector, Zorlu Energy Group, on February 2, 2017, took over the management of companies Osmangazi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. And Osmangazi Electric Retail Sales Co. Distribution area, which includes Eskişehir, Bilecik, Uşak, Afyon and Kütahya and realizes about 4% of Turkey's electricity consumption. Zorlu Energy Group provides electricity distribution services to more than 1.5 million subscribers in the region.





Zorlu Energy Group continues investing in projects supporting security of supply and sustainability thanks to its high capacity production power, qualified human resources, balanced portfolio, resource diversity and competency to introduce innovative solutions. 


Zorlu Energy Group defines sustainable energy as “generating and using energy in compliance with intergenerational justice approach without causing irreversible damages to environment and destroying the ecological balance.”


Considering sustainable energy as an important element of sustainable development, Zorlu Energy carries out its activities on the basis of energy generation with efficient and safe resources policy. While determining the areas related to sustainability it will manage, Zorlu Energy attaches great importance to such vital subjects as diminishing natural resources and energy demand security. Renewable energy, an investment focus of the group, offers a unique opportunity to meet our world’s increasing need for energy, to provide security of supply and the necessary transformation for effectively fighting against climate change.  


Zorlu Energy is the first company in Turkey to calculate its carbon footprint in 2009. It has published the first sustainability report in the energy sector in Turkey. It is the first energy company to sign “Carbon Emission Sale Agreement” with the project put into practice in the Gökçedağ Wind Energy Power Plant. As the only energy company to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project from Turkey, Zorlu Energy was granted the “Carbon Transparency Leadership of Turkey” award in 2011, 2012 and 2014 within the framework of CDP. Furthermore, it scored the highest performance among 4 reporting companies included in BIST 100 index in 2013. 


Zorlu Wind Energy Electricity Generation Inc. (“Zorlu Wind”), 100% affiliated to Zorlu Energy, Gökçedağ Wind Power Plant (“Rotor I RES”), Sarıtepe and Demirciler Wind Power Plants which are planned to be activated in the second half of 2016 (“Rotor II RES) and the wind power plant in Pakistan received “Gold Standard” certificate.


Through contributions to social and environmental sustainability, wind power projects of Zorlu Energy who realized exemplary projects in the field of renewable energy hold this certificate, the most prestigious one among standards rating energy projects in the carbon market.  The project prevented the emission of approximately 100 thousand tons of CO₂ from power plants and its contribution to the social and environmental sustainability was confirmed.

Gold Standard, the most detailed and prestigious certificate program at global scale, is granted upon assessment of clean energy projects’ environmental and social impacts. The power plants guaranteed transparency and credibility in the volunteer market, assuring the provision of high quality carbon loans. 


Liable Corporate Citizen


As a liable world citizen, Zorlu Energy took its place in today’s globalized world by determining main principles in four main areas: human rights, business life, environment and fighting against corruption. The company carries out works that add value to environment and especially to children within the framework of social responsibility projects it realizes. Zorlu Energy identifies risks and opportunities by analyzing possible impacts in detail prior to investments in social and economic terms in all invested regions. It focuses on adding value to the region and its residents with a consciousness towards local people and environment. 


Based on this approach, Zorlu Energy Group holds an informative meeting with a high level of participation before starting construction works for its projects, identifying opinions and expectations of local people with regards to power plants. It also conducts Social Status and Manpower Research in order to identify the socio-economic status of the region. 


While determining the impact areas to be managed related to sustainability, Zorlu Energy attaches utmost importance to social and environmental impact analyses as much as such vital subjects as protection of natural resources and security of demand in energy. Actively measuring and decreasing emissions, the Group obtained ISO 14064-1 certificate which covers measuring and reporting principles of greenhouse gases in 2011. Moreover, Zorlu Energy is the first energy company in Turkey to calculate its carbon footprint in 2009. It has published the first sustainability report in the energy sector in Turkey. It is the first energy company to sign “Carbon Emission Sale Agreement” with the project put into practice in the Gökçedağ Wind Energy Power Plant. 

In 2010, the Group joined the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) which was initiated with the purpose of collecting and sharing data which allow companies, investors and governments to take measures against climate change. It became one of the first companies to transparently announce risk management policies related to climate change and greenhouse emission rates of companies open to public. 

Having published the first sustainability report in the energy sector, the Group published the third report on environmental, economic and social impacts of companies working in its body in 2014. Including the 2012-2013 sustainability performance, the report was received approval for “A” implementation level. Zorlu Energy Group publishes its GRI G4-level 4th Sustainability Report under the leadership of its Sustainability Board. The Group shared with the public its 2014-2015 sustainability performance and the efforts to improve this performance in a transparent manner.