Terms of Use

Terms of Use

All information and documents containing designs, brands, logo and sound, image and text in this Website (‘’Website’’) (hereinafter referred to as ‘’Content’’) and their intellectual property rights are the property of ZORLU ENERGY (*). The content on the website may only be used in part or in whole by the proprietors or by written consent of proprietors. It is not permitted to alter, copy, rent, lend, transmit, publish or commercially use the contents.

Any and all comments, recommendations, ideas, graphics and other information by any channel on the Website can be utilized by Zorlu Energy for commercial or non-commercial purposes without any payment to the users or any other party. Zorlu Energy is not required to maintain the confidentiality of such information provided, with the exception of job applications.

Zorlu Energy may modify and update these Terms of Use unilaterally at any time without prior notice.

Zorlu Energy provides no warranties as to the use of information, assessment, comments and statistical details on the Website and shall not assume any legal or penal liability for any direct or indirect, material and/or non-material, negative and/or positive damages and other potential damages and claims.

The Website may provide links to websites owned by third parties. Zorlu Energy assumes no liability with respect to the contents, accuracy or function of such websites.


Additional Terms of Use for Financial Details

Additional terms of use apply along with the general terms of use for financial details on the Website.

The contents, graphics, images, information, shapes, values, comments and other material in the financial sections of the Website (collectively referred to as "Financial Content") are for information purposes only.

Zorlu Energy and Content providers shall not assume any liability for Users' decisions based on the Financial Content on the Website.

Zorlu Energy assumes no liability for any interruption, delays or faults in the Financial Contents published or any damages arising from thereof.

Such publication cannot be copied, distributed, commercially used with citation or transferred to computer storage system in any form without Zorlu Energy's prior consent.

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