GAZDAŞ will now serve with Zorlu Energy brand

Operating in Antep-Kilis and Thrace regions, GAZDAŞ will continue its natural gas distribution services under the name and logo of “Zorlu Enerji”.

Zorlu Enerji continues to combine the companies under its structure with the same name and logo under one roof.

Continuing its natural gas distribution activities in all regions of Thrace (except Çorlu and Marmara Ereğlisi) and in Antep-Kilis region, GAZDAŞ will continue to provide the highest quality natural gas distribution service to its 800 thousand subscribers with the name and logo of “Zorlu Enerji”.

According to the statement made by the company, GAZDAŞ will continue its natural gas distribution services in the region with the same title, and the change will take place only under the brand name and logo of the company.

The brand change, which is stated that there will be no changes in company activities before the subscriber, has been realized with the change of regional offices, field vehicles and work clothes.

Relevant institutions were informed in advance for customer satisfaction

Continuing its activities with the vision of becoming the energy company of the future, Zorlu Enerji gave information to the banks and contracted institutions regarding the name and logo change made by prioritizing the satisfaction of its customers.

With a single brand and single logo approach, Zorlu Enerji will continue to serve as an active and pioneering company for its business partners, industry and customers.