Zorlu Group

Zorlu Group’s foundation was laid in 1953 with the establishment of a textile company in Babadağ, Denizli. Having begun its life as a family business, today Zorlu Group has grown into a giant conglomerate with over 60 companies and more than 30 thousand employees, demonstrating a solid example of institutionalization.

Ranking among Turkey’s leading business groups, Zorlu Group is active in


Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances,


Real estate and

Mining-Metallurgy businesses

Together with its subsidiaries, Zorlu Group generates increasing added value for the Turkish economy and makes a significant contribution to Turkey’s exports.

For more information on Zorlu Group: www.zorlu.com.tr

The founding pillar of Zorlu Group, textiles continues to be one of the Group’s main areas of business.

With Korteks, Turkey’s largest integrated polyester yarn producer and exporter and Zorluteks, Europe’s leading home textile producer, under its umberalla, Zorlu Textiles Group is constantly growing and enhancing its position in domestic and international markets.

Led by Zorluteks and Korteks, Zorlu Textiles Group is engaged in the production and marketing of yarns, draperies and home textile products. With its high production capacity, high-quality products and wide product range and excellent marketing and distribution capabilities, Zorlu Textile Group is one of the world’s leading polyester yarn and home textiles manufacturers.


Europe’s largest integrated manufacturer and exporter of polyester yarn

Exports to more than 250 clients in around 50 countries


Europe’s leading home textiles company

Exports to 68 countries

Main Brands: Taç, Linens, Valeron, Bianca Luna, Kristal, Casabel, Brielle

For more information: www.korteks.com.tr www.zorlutekstil.com.tr

Operating in the consumer electronics and white goods sectors, Vestel is one of the leading ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) manufacturers in the world.

In Turkey, Vestel is the market leader in TVs and one of the top 3 players in household appliances. As a global producer, Vestel is the second largest producer of TV market in Europe and one of the top five manufacturers of the white goods market.

Vestel City, Vestel’s manufacturing base in Manisa, is one of Europe’s largest single-site industrial manufacturing complexes.



One of the leading ODM providers of TVs, household appliances and digital products for the European market

One of the top 3 TV producers in Europe

One of the major producers of TVs and household appliances in Turkey

For more information www.vestelyatirimciiliskileri.com

zorlu ENERJİ

With its integrated operations, Zorlu Energy Group is one of the leading players in the Turkish energy sector. Zorlu Energy Group continues to grow both in and out of Turkey with a particular focus on renewable energy – mainly geothermal and solar energy. In line with its vision to become the energy company of the future, Zorlu Energy Group also invests in new technologies, such as smart energy management systems and smart grids, and in developing areas like electric vehicle charging stations.

1.208 MW* of total installed capacity

  • Turkey: 643 MW
  • Israel: 290,5 MW*
  • Russia: 217 MW
  • Pakistan: 56 MW
  • Palestine 1,5 MW*

87% of installed capacity in Turkey and 62% of total installed capacity based on renewable energy sources

Competency in providing integrated services, which comprise generation and sales of electricity and steam, electricity distribution and trade, “turnkey” construction of power plants, including project development, long-term operation, maintenance and repair services for power plants, natural gas distribution and trade and distribution and sales of solar PV panels

zorlu ENERJİ

Electricity distribution in Eskişehir, Bilecik, Uşak, Afyonkarahisar and Kütahya provinces, serving approximately 1.89 million customers

Natural gas distribution in Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ, Gaziantep and Kilis provinces, serving approximately 759,000 customers

* Stake adjusted

zorlu ENERJİ


With its innovative and perfectionist approach, Zorlu Real Estate Group develops exclusive and world-class projects at prime locations and constructs exemplary buildings which are poised to set the standards in the real estate sector. Putting technology at the center of its developments, Zorlu Real Estate Group incorporates “smart city” and “smart home” applications and solutions into its projects while also prioritizing sustainability.

Smart, eco-friendly and sustainability-oriented real estate projects which stand apart in their respective segments with their architectural qualities and advanced technologies

A portfolio of valuable land plots in leading tourism destinations of Turkey

Zorlu Center

Situated at the junction of two continents, Zorlu Center is Turkey’s first five-function mixed-use project, comprising a shopping center, a hotel (Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center), offices, residences and a Performing Arts Center

One of Istanbul’s main attraction centers

Zorlu Center Shopping Mall

A shopping center that hosts leading global brands and finest restaurants

Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM)

Zorlu PSM hosts a variety of high-publicity cultural and artistic events including Broadway musicals, festivals, theater plays, concerts, operas and classical music concerts and is among the five leading arts centers in the world

Levent 199

An eco-friendly A+ office building with accolades in office architecture

For more information: www.zorlugayrimenkul.com.tr


Zorlu Mining Group undertakes exploration, production, export, R&D and investment activities with an aim to utilize Turkey’s nickel resources for benefit of the Turkish economy by investing in nickel-cobalt mining. Employing advanced technologies in its operations, Zorlu Mining Group aims to process ores into metals, and subsequently, move to the production of higher value-added end-products and rare earth elements, and ultimately become one of the leading suppliers of nickel-cobalt on a global basis.

Turkey’s first and only nickel-cobalt processing plant with a production capacity of 10,000 tons of nickel content per year in Gördes, Manisa

Employing state-of-the-art and eco-friendly production technology

Planned development and investment projects for the nickel cobalt reserves in Eskişehir and Uşak under existing permits

Approximately 400,000 tons of reserves with nickel content

For more information: www.metanikel.com.tr