Land Acquisition Policy

Zorlu Enerji conducts land acquisition and expropriation processes in compliance with the relevant regulations and adheres to the same principles in its energy investments.
Under the scope of the Expropriation Law No. 2942, the locations of energy production facilities are determined, taking into account the positioning and settlement areas. Throughout this process, efforts are made to prevent any harm to residential structures, and alternatives are assessed. Expropriation and installation procedures are carried out in accordance with national laws and international standards. Losses incurred by affected rights holders are compensated and necessary assistance is provided in line with the respective regulations and mutual agreements.
The expropriation cost encompasses the land value and its elements such as structures, wells, concrete surfaces, walls, wire fences, and trees. Energy production facilities are constructed in the expropriated area and are completed as promptly as possible. They are rehabilitated according to the project specifications defined by Zorlu Enerji. Prior to and following construction, entrance and exit protocols are signed between the landowner/user and the designated representative in the presence of the village head. The objective is to rehabilitate the land and reach an agreement with the rights holders. Therefore, the participation of expropriated landowners or their legal heirs in the specified protocols holds immense importance.
You can access the legal process procedure regarding land acquisition through this link.