Sustainability Policy and our Commitments

Sustainability Policy

By investing in renewable and clean energy techonologies, we supply reliable energy with our balanced portfolio.

We invest in the establishment and operation of smart systems with our innovation and R&D studies that shape the sector.

We use innovative and sustainable financing tools to diversify our capital resources, and we support development of regions where we operate in with our investments.

We carry out all our activities with a holistic corporate governance approach, transparent and aiming at continuous improvement, by adhering to the Ethical Principles and complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

It attaches importance to stakeholder engagement; Our inclusive strategy not only takes into account the expectations of our stakeholders, but also helps us build long-term and lasting relationships while reducing our risks. We inform the local neighbors, civil society and all relevant stakeholders within our sphere of influence regarding the investments made, and enable them to participate in the studies. In addition to giving priority to local employment; We also contribute to local development by supporting the needs of the region.

Considering the satisfaction of our employees, who are our most important stakeholders, we provide an inclusive work environment and equal opportunities, and we invest in their development by ensuring their health and safety.

We take the risk management process with a holistic approach and integrate it into all our business processes.

Evaluates the environmental and social risks of our investments on natural and cultural heritage; We take measures to reduce our impact. Within the scope of combating climate change, we invest in high technology, improve our processes by considering energy efficiency, develop projects and report our performance transparently.

We care to spread awareness about sustainability to our entire value chain by giving importance to the pursuit of sustainability criteria in our supply chain.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we ensure uninterrupted access to electricity, natural gas and support services, and offer solutions to our customers to ensure sustainable energy use.

We follow up our Sustainability Policy by communicating effectively with the relevant stakeholders, review it regularly and update it when necessary.

İ. Sinan AK

CEO, Zorlu Enerji