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We are committed to protecting the planet with our renewable energy investments, our solutions that support the communities and our employees in the regions we serve and work with, and our Sustainability approach that includes all our stakeholders.


Electrip is a car sharing platform established by Zorlu Enerji. Unlike other car sharing platforms, it has a fleet of only electric vehicles. It is Turkey's first electric vehicle sharing platform.

Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES)

Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES) is the Zorlu Energy brand created to implement new generation technologies.

ZES, which became operational as of 2018, aims to facilitate the journey of electric vehicle owners in our country and to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution, with the fast charging stations it has implemented in urban and intercity roads. In addition to the fast charging facility offered at public points, it also installs charging stations in homes and workplaces in line with the demands of its users. ZES plans to commission charging stations all over Turkey in a short time and make electric vehicles accessible and usable all over the country.

I-REC Certification

We are expanding the use of renewable energy with the I-REC Certificate

As Zorlu Enerji, we continue to invest in renewable energy sources meticulously in line with our Smart Life 2030 vision, and we work with the excitement of touching the future today.

With the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC), where we certify that we meet the entire electricity consumption of the tough textile factory in Kırklareli with the green energy we produce at the Manisa Alaşehir 1 geothermal power plant, we have taken another important step towards our goal of becoming the energy company of the future.

By breaking new ground with the I-REC certificate, we will ensure that clean and renewable energy from a known source is used and popularized by other sectors as well.

As Zorlu Enerji, which relies on renewable energy sources for 87% of its installed power and 100% of its production in Turkey, we will continue our efforts to spread renewable energy in our country and in the world, with our high technology investments for a clean environment and a livable future.

What is the I-REC Renewable Energy Certificate?

I-REC Renewable Energy Certificate, developed by RECS International, is an international certificate system that certifies that the electricity produced or consumed is produced from renewable energy sources. Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are used extensively in Europe and America to promote renewable energy investments and consumption.

Our ZES brand has also been certified with the international renewable energy certificate (I-REC).

As Zorlu Enerji, we continue our investments in clean and renewable energy without slowing down with the vision of Smart Life 2030.

In this context, we are proud to certify with the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) that the electricity supplied to electric cars by ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions), our environmentally friendly project, is obtained from clean energy.

With ZES, whose electricity generation is 100% based on renewable resources, we have established more than 1,000 charging stations in 81 provinces, and we continue our work with the aim of covering Cyprus and Eastern Europe in the upcoming period.