Performance Management

At Zorlu Enerji, we act with the mentality that the performance of our employees, which increases in parallel with their personal and professional development, is one of the most important functions that create value for both our employees and Zorlu Enerji. With this understanding, we manage performance with a transparent approach in order to reward success and increase employee satisfaction.

The performance assessment system, which focuses on the strengths and business results of employees, is applied at least once a year to all employees who have completed their sixth month. We manage performance under two main headings: “Targets” and “Competencies”. Targets are decisive for the performance and business results while competencies offer an important input about the behaviors shown towards the target and the potential of employees. We include increasing employee engagement, gender equality, environmental, managerial and social indicators in our managerial target pool to evaluate the performance of our management-level employees.

We use performance evaluation outputs as an input in all our Human Resources Processes such as salary increases and review periods, appointment and promotion evaluations. We focus on feedback and development between managers and employees and support our High Performance Culture.

In our Performance Management practices, we manage our process to include all our employees without any discrimination based on gender, age, religion, language, race, sect, social status, physical build, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation or any other personal feature.