Compensation and Benefits

At Zorlu Enerji, we manage remuneration based on macroeconomic indicators, the sector in which we operate, the remuneration market, Zorlu Holding practices, job size, company remuneration policy and performance. In doing so, we act in accordance with the principle of “Equal pay for equal work”, without discrimination based on religion, language, race, gender, etc. As an element of the remuneration policy, we offer our employees various side benefits depending on their duties and titles.

At Zorlu Enerji, a job evaluation system based on the content of the job, independent of title and function, is implemented. We determine the remuneration policy by ranking job sizes on the basis of grades. In order to protect the welfare and purchasing power of our employees, we evaluate our position in the market with the market analyzes we receive by participating in remuneration surveys every year, and we implement and constantly review a fair and competitive remuneration policy, taking into account the feedback from our employees.

In addition, at Zorlu Energy, we attach importance to implementing a remuneration system that motivates employees by differentiating and rewarding performance. With this understanding, wages in our company are evaluated once a year during the year-end wage increase period in line with individual performance results, wage surveys, economic indicators, the company’s solvency and internal balances. In addition to the wage rise, a premium is offered for the titles of manager and above, based on corporate and individual performance results, once a year.

We provide opportunities and benefits, such as Private Health Insurance, that improve and support our colleagues’ experience not only in their work life but also in their social and health life.

Our Company continues to pay full monthly salary regardless of the limit set by Social Security to our employees who are on maternity leave or sick leave.

These include meals, marriage, maternity and death leave, cash benefits, the opportunity to use the fitness center in Levent199, discounts on Zorlu Group branded products, and additional remuneration for post-graduate and post-doctoral studies.