Compensation and Benefits

At Zorlu Enerji, we shape salary management based on macroeconomic indicators, sector, wage quotations, Zorlu Holding practices, job levels, company wage policy, and performance. As an element of the wage policy, we offer various side benefits to our employees, depending on their duties and titles.

We focus on implementing a job evaluation system based on the job's content, independent of titles and functions. We determine the compensation policy by listing positions based on grades. We participate in salary surveys every year and reassess the salary and side benefit strategy.

Also, we attach importance to having a wage system that motivates employees by differentiating and rewarding performances. With this understanding, our company's wages are evaluated annually at the end of the year, which is our wage increase period. We consider individual performance results, wage surveys, economic indicators, the company's competence, and internal balances. In addition to the wage increase, we also offer a bonus to managers and higher-level titles once a year, based on the company and individual performance results.