Our Policy

We help reduce the nation’s foreign dependency in energy by investing in domestic, renewable and clean energy. We ensure the continuity and reliability of energy supply through our balanced portfolio.

We carry out all activities by adhering to our ethical rules and observing applicable laws and regulations.

We care about participation of stakeholders; our comprehensive strategy considers the stakeholders’ expectations, reduces risks and helps establish long-term and permanent relations. We inform the local populace, civil society and all relevant stakeholders about investments, ensuring active participation in our efforts. In addition to prioritizing local employment, we contribute to local development by supporting regional needs.

We offer convenient work environment and equal opportunity to our employees, our most important stakeholders, ensuring health and safety and investing in their development.
We measure and assess our investments’ environmental and social effect on natural and cultural heritage, and take measures to mitigate the impact. As part of the fight against climate change, we invest in advanced technologies and monitor energy efficiency to improve our processes and develop projects.

We highlight customer satisfaction, allowing customers to access electricity, natural gas and support services. We offer solutions to customers for using sustainable energy.

Zorlu Energy believes employees to be the most important resource in achieving its goals and strives to create systems in support of its vision, mission, principles and values, developing, enriching and facilitating the business life. In establishing a human resources policy, the Company aimed to act responsibly towards group companies, sensitive to employees and respectful to all stakeholders involved.


  • We strive to put forth quality work on human resources,
  • To keep the human resources processes up-to-date to effectively support group companies in achieving the company objectives,
  • To increase effectiveness and efficiency in all matters of human resources,
  • To use technology and advanced methods in servicing and communicating with employees and developing systems,
  • To establish suitable work environments.
  • Zorlu Energy endeavors to employ competent staff and retain employees with high potential. The Company supports training, improvement and learning activities to create the experts of the energy industry in-house.

The transition from the structure of staff department to human resources organization started by the end of 2005 in Zorlu Energy. The strategic HR practices developed afterwards have supported the institutionalization process; the unit has now become one of the important support functions of management. Zorlu Energy’s increasing need for employees due to new and growing business, its location and number of business fields have enabled the establishment of new human resources systems. Today, new systems are continually developed to support the motivation, development of employees from recruitment to the last work day.




  • Innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and customer oriented thinking guide all our activities aiming at bringing dreams to life. Our fundamental principle is to offer our customers quality, rapid, pioneering and reliable services and to provide a perfect and distinctive experience.
  • We establish open feedback mechanisms to listen to our customers in all our companies. Our customers can easily access customer services after sales as well through various channels.
  • We attach importance to establishing long-term relationships with our customers. In order to transform this process into a perfect experience, we monitor, measure and prepare reports on our customers’ satisfaction at regular intervals with mechanisms such as perception surveys and satisfaction polls. We monitor changing customer expectations, assess the feedback we have received and take pioneering actions in areas open to improvement.
  • We pay attention to feedback from our distributors and authorised service providers who are constantly in contact with the customer. We learn the priorities of our customers in different regions thanks to our broad network of distributors and authorised service providers.
  • We attach maximum importance to our customers’ feedback. We share these with senior executives, assess every one of them carefully and take the necessary actions.
  • We train our employees and distributors and authorised service providers who are in direct contact with the customer regarding customer experience and enhance their expertise and development.
  • We use our customers’ proposals to improve our products and services and carry out open innovation in every appropriate area along with our customers.
  • Within the framework of responsible marketing principles, we adopt an approach taking into account social differences, respectful to human rights, fair, transparent, open and which shares correct information in communicating our products and services. We communicate with the goal of raising customers’ and consumers’ awareness regarding environmental and social issues.

As Zorlu Company, among our principle responsibilities lies the conformity of our suppliers, who are our most important partners in all our companies, with internationally-recognised environmental, social and ethical standards.

While choosing our suppliers, we seek conformity with Zorlu Holding Supply Chain Principles (Principles) which we have prepared in the light of all relevant national laws and regulations, notably the International Labour Organization (“ILO”) and United Nations (“UN”) agreements. We are committed to inform, to raise awareness and to provide training when necessary, in order to ensure our suppliers’ conformity with the Principles. Moreover, we expect from our suppliers to share, when deemed, necessary documents which show conformity with the Principles, within the framework of our auditing activities.

Zorlu Holding Supply Chain Principles encompass all Zorlu Group Companies’ procurement operations and contain the rules of basic behavior which are expected from all our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to communicate the Principles to their own supply chains and, in turn, the Principles to be applied by their own suppliers.

The prevention of Child Labour and Forced Labour

  • Child workers must not be employed in any circumstances. Under the International Labour Organization Convention No. 138 the minimum age at which children can start work is 15, or 14 for some developing countries. Employees under the minimum age are termed child workers.
  • The education of young employees older than the minimum age must not be obstructed and they must not be employed in dangerous work.
  • Work must be voluntary. Workers must not be made to work by force or be obliged to do something.
  • No employee must be made to work without security.
  • The payment of debts through labor must not be accepted under any circumstances.

Prevention of Discrimination

  • No tolerance must be shown for discrimination in the workplace, in recruitment, remuneration, education, promotion and retirement-related practices, or according to sex, age, religion, race, creed, social status, physical appearance, ethnic origin, nationality, political views, sexual orientation, pregnancy, union membership or any other reason.

Humane Treatment

  • The exercise of physical exploitation or discipline in the workplace, sexual, verbal or physical abuse and intimidation are not acceptable in any way.
  • In all work relations, behavior must be fair and in line with basic moral and human values judgements.


  • Employees must be remunerated at least at the level of the minimum wage; all other benefits must be in accordance with laws, regulations and set conditions, and payments must be in an orderly and timely way.

Working Hours

  • It must be ensured that employees have holidays and days of leave in line with laws and regulations and that working hours are in line with regulations.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

  • It must be ensured that employees have the rights to join the labor unions which are set forth in local laws and seek representation & join workers’ councils.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • A healthy, hygienic and safe working environment must be provided to employees.
  • Necessary measures must be taken to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases; employees must regularly be given Occupational Health and Safety training with the goal of creating awareness.


  • All relevant laws, regulations and statues concerning the environment (including all laws concerning air emissions, effluent load, waste water and chemical substances) must be observed.
  • Efforts must be made to reduce carbon emissions and the consumption of natural resources and to increase the amount of recyclable waste.


  • No gift must be given or received in order to facilitate business; bribes or corruption must not be allowed or tolerated in any way.
  • Situations which would create a conflict of interest must be avoided.
  • No action must be taken that are aimed at harming, obstructing or limiting competition.
  • Business partners’ intellectual property rights must be protected