Employee Satisfaction

We also consider our employees' satisfaction, happiness, and motivation as an integral part of personal and corporate development. With this understanding, we develop methods and channels to solve problems that may positively affect our employees' performance and quality of life. Besides, we offer them a business environment where they can do good for the world and enable them to work on social challenges.

At Zorlu Enerji, we applied the remote working model in the pandemic in 2020. Now we have fully embraced it and began to use it actively.


We also focus on continuously strengthening our communication and interaction with our employees. For example, we aim to proactively solve problems affecting our employees' performance with the platform "We Are Good Together," established under the umbrella of Zorlu Holding. On this platform, we provide our employees and their family members with the opportunity to receive support from experts in psychological counseling, healthy nutrition (dietician), and healthy living through the "Wellbees" mobile application. Our employees can also receive advice on resilience, anxiety management, healthy life, sports, child psychology, and personal development through this platform. They can participate in activities designed to increase communication with colleagues, such as competing in challenges and sharing events.

Moreover, we encourage and support our employees to voluntarily participate in social responsibility projects within the framework Kıvılcımlar, Zorlu Group's corporate volunteerism initiation.