Employee Satisfaction

We consider the satisfaction, happiness and motivation of our employees to be an integral part of individual and corporate development. With this understanding, we develop methods and channels to solve problems that may affect the performance and quality of life of our employees. Not only that, but we also offer our employees the opportunity of working on social issues by providing a work environment where they can do what is good for the world.

The employee engagement survey, which is conducted every 2 years, was also conducted in 2021 and the employee engagement rate increased compared to the previous survey conducted in 2019. In 2021, the results were communicated with all business units and improvement actions were planned especially for development areas until the next survey planned for 2023. In this context, both the plans of management and human resources and the actions to be taken by departments are regularly monitored.  Recognizing the value our employees add to business processes, we appreciate their achievements and support their motivation through rewarding tools.

With the Onboarding Program, which is the first step towards employee loyalty and satisfaction, we aim to give our new teammates the experience of being a Zorlu Enerji employee from the moment they accept our offer. To this end, we support adaptation to the corporate culture through practices such as in-house welcome announcements on the first day of work, welcome kit, buddy assignment, orientation program, and evaluation interviews with employees in the first and sixth months.

In this context, as Zorlu Enerji, we have started to effectively use the flexible and remote working model, which we continued as a pilot application, by adapting it wholly with the pandemic in 2020. In this model, our employees determine their working systems by considering the balance between work and private life and the continuity of business processes.  Remote working terms and conditions, occupational health and safety principles, hybrid working programs and support to be provided to employees are managed through the “Working from Home Guide”.

On the other hand, we focus on strengthening our communication and interaction with our employees every day. Thanks to the “Together, We Are Good” platform established under the roof of Zorlu Holding, we aim to offer proactive support for the solution of problems affecting the performance of our employees and to minimize potential problems in related matters. With this platform, we provide all our employees and their family members with the opportunity to receive support from experts in the fields of psychological counseling, healthy nutrition (dietician) and healthy living through the “Wellbees” smart phone application. Our employees can also access advice on resilience, anxiety management, healthy living, sports, child psychology and personal development. They can participate in activities designed to increase communication with colleagues, such as challenges and activity sharing.

In addition, within the framework of Kıvılcımlar, (“Sparks”) Zorlu Group’s corporate volunteering movement, we encourage and support our employees’ voluntary participation in social responsibility projects.

In line with our Human Resources strategy, which was renewed in accordance with the targets of the “HUMAN AND CULTURE” area, one of our main focus areas within the scope of our company’s main sustainability approach, we have switched to the Business Partner model, which continues strategic work with the functions tailored to our Human Resources strategy, and the “One Day with HR” project was implemented to further strengthen internal communication.