Learning and Development

At Zorlu Enerji, we focus on the training pieces that employees receive, contributing to company's and employees’ development, and the costruction of a sustainable life. In this direction, we enable our employees to upskill their competencies. We also focus on the development of corporate culture in environmental, social, and governance-related areas.

We make learning and development planning in line with the individual development requirements and corporate sustainability needs determined in the performance evaluation period. Apart from on-the-job experience, we organize on-site and online training through Zorlu Academy and external training companies. We provided a total of 10,393 hours of training in 2020. Our 1,099 employees attended online training pieces through Zorlu Academy.

Continuous improvement is essential at Zorlu Enerji. Enabling our employees to transform being innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial into a lifestyle is an integral part of our business culture. The main element of development at Zorlu Enerji depends on employees who have this awareness and managers who encourage them.

Our employees progress in line with our corporate sustainability goals with the management days we organize for our managers and the training pieces we provide. Their development will continue to be one of the most fundamental elements that will enrich Zorlu Enerji’s long-term value in the upcoming period.