Learning and Development

At Zorlu Enerji, we know that our most important asset towards our goal of sustainable growth in the international arena is our Human Resources. That is why we attach great importance to personal and professional development. Continuous development is essential for us, and it is an integral part of our business culture for each employee to make being innovative, creative and entrepreneurial a way of life and to realize their potential. In line with this vision, we create personalized training and development plans by identifying the needs correctly and addressing them properly.

Our global strategy is to manage all our processes in line with international environmental policies for the sustainable and efficient use of the world’s resources, while aiming to sustain the benefits we provide to all our key stakeholders. It is an important part of our corporate governance that this strategy and approach is understood, internalized and resolutely translated into actions at all levels of our organization, and we attach great importance to its implementation.  

In this context, all our training activities are handled and shaped in line with our needs and goals. Every year, we determine and implement our plans by taking into account the demands from the field, the needs that will improve the performance of our employees and enable them to maximize their potential, and the themes that will boost our corporate culture and values.

With lifelong learning and development as our main motivation, we work with Turkey’s most distinguished universities, outsourced training institutions and consultants to meet the needs of all our employees in the right way. In addition, Zorlu Academy, our digital training platform where our employees can find content tailored to their learning habits, is one of our most important training channels that can produce rapid responses to our constantly evolving and changing needs. In this context, a total of 9,078 hours of training was offered in 2021. 1,100 employees participated in online trainings through Zorlu Academy.

Within the scope of our Adaptation to the Future of Work efforts, we observe the current capabilities of our employees and work intensively to help them enhance their competencies and skills and acquire new ones.

Under the roof of “SENERJİ Lifelong Development Academy”, which we bring to life with the philosophy of continuous learning, we offer multiple development methods and content for leaders to improve their leadership qualities on a wide range of topics such as exhibiting relationship and communication skills, acquiring team management skills, creating strategic road maps, business-oriented thinking, exhibiting coaching skills, leading entrepreneurs and new ideas, leading transformation, and inspiring good ideas inside and outside the organization.

Our Career and Talent Management practices do not tolerate any discrimination based on gender, age, religion, language, race, sect, social status, physical build, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation or any other personal feature.

Zorlu Enerji implements a structured Internal Coaching and Mentoring Program. We bring together our employees from different levels and generations with the participation of our experienced managers and volunteer employees in three different ways, namely Classical Mentoring, Reverse Mentoring and Women’s Mentoring, thus enriching our corporate culture and strengthening our corporate memory.