Our Sustainability Priorities

Through a number of prioritization workshops hosted in 2015 with our stakeholders, we identified issues of priority for our stakeholders.

Seven workshops hosted as part of the prioritization involved three face-to-face meetings and one senior management online survey. A total of 91 individuals participated in these studies. In the course of workshops and interviews, the participants discussed 23 general and sectorial sustainability issues of Zorlu Energy. Individuals or groups of participants selected the topic they deemed important to be managed by Zorlu Energy with the perspective they represent, and then listed these issues by priority.

As a result of these studies, the issues of significance for our Company have been examined and prioritized individually in economic, environmental and social categories to establish the Zorlu Energy Sustainability Issues Matrix below.

Sustainability Issues:

a. Economic Performance

b. Safe and Sustainable Energy Supply

c. Generation with Domestic Resources

d. Risk Management

e. Investments for Environmental Protection

f. Occupational Health and Safety

g. Stakeholders’ Participation

h. Emissions

i. Energy Efficiency

j. Employee Development

k. Ethics and Compliance

l. Favorable Working Conditions

m. Customer Focus and Demand Management


Zorlu Energy  - Sustainability Issues Matrix

Our Sustainability Priorities

For more information: Sustainability Report (2014-2015)