Established in 1993, Zorlu Enerji is an energy company that aims to operate on different fields of energy sector providing a global scale integrated service.

Zorlu Enerji, which is a subsidiary of Zorlu Enerji companies and the only publicly open company operates on various fields of the sector with an integrated corporate combination including electricity and steam generation and their retail, electricity sales, electricity distribution, solar panel sales and installation, natural gas sales and distribution, construction, management and maintenance of power plants and EV charging stations network.


Zorlu Enerji operates on various fields of the sector with its experience of 25 years. In our fields of operation, we are combining our well established experience with our corporate values and make a difference among other players of the sector in engineering, supply, construction, management, maintenance and repair.

We are providing alternative energy solutions on every field from solar energy to electricity vehicles, electricity power plants to charging units, from project development to management in fields listed below:

  • Electricity Generation
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Electricity Sales and Trade
  • Natural Gas Distribution
  • Natural Gas Trade
  • Construction Of Power Plants (Engineering, Procurement, Construction - EPC )
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Solar Panels Trade
  • Smart Systems
  • EV Charging Stations

We are utilizing our high capacity production power, qualified human resources, well balanced portfolio, diversity of sources and capability of creating innovative solutions to be a perpetual and leading part of the global energy transformation.

As of 2018, Zorlu Enerji has now grouped its new generation of technological operations under the ZES brand. With ZES brand, the company aims to accelerate popularization of electric vehicles and to facilitate the travels of electric vehicle owners in Turkey with several rapid charging stations commissioned in city roads and highways. In addition to rapid charging services offered in public areas, the company also provides charging station commissioning at homes and at businesses based on user demand. ZES aims to increase its charging station network and to make electric vehicles available throughout Turkey. As part of the vision to offer energy solutions of the future, Zorlu Enerji has created Electrip, which is new carsharing platform in Turkey with a revolutionary step in transportation solutions, the zero emission and zero noise electric vehicles breathed new life to vehicle rental industry.

As of 2017, Zorlu Enerji has become the exclusive distributor and business partner of First Solar a thin-film PV technology provider in 26 countries across Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Eastern Mediterranean. The company also offers services such as electricity generation from solar power, solar photovoltaic (PV) module sales, purchase, export, installing and maintenance, and consultancy both in Turkey and abroad.

With Zorlu Enerji’s most recent investment, the Kızıldere 3 Geothermal power plant with a total capacity of 165 MW and the solar energy investment ongoing in Pakistan with a capacity of 100 MW, the company resumes its operations to increase its established status in Turkey and abroad.


Zorlu Enerji has four major pillars in electricity generation which consist of geothermal, wind, hydroelectric and natural gas power plants. Already corresponding the 19 percent of Turkey’s total installed power capacity in geothermal energy alone, Zorlu Enerji targets to increase its existent installed power capacity of 305 MW to over 500 MW in this field. Zorlu Enerji continues to produce electricity adding 7 new hydroelectric power plants to its production portfolio through privatization which consists of Gökçedağ Wind Plant at 135 MW capacity. The company also has natural gas power plants in Lüleburgaz and Bursa, with an installed power capacity of 83,8 MW and an annual steam production capacity of 209,5 tons/hour.


With nearly 25 years of experience and expertise in the energy sector, Zorlu Enerji took over the management of companies Osmangazi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. and Osmangazi Elektrik Perakende Satış A.Ş. on 2 February 2017. Zorlu Enerji provides distribution services in a distribution region including Eskişehir, Bilecik, Uşak, Afyon and Kütahya cities which realizes about 4% of Turkey's electricity consumption. Zorlu Enerji provides electricity distribution services to more than 1.5M subscribers in the region.


Zorlu Enerji demand and price forecasts, production planning, pricing, sales, risk and portfolio management, settlement and invoicing.

Operation scope of Zorlu Enerji within its main activity of electricity trade includes demand and price forecasts, production planning, pricing, sales, risk and portfolio management, settlement and invoicing. The company offers its customers various cost effective pricing options through bilateral agreements with hourly, term based packages adapted to market prices and suitable for habits and consumption volumes of consumers.


Zorlu Enerji provides natural gas distribution service to over 600 thousand subscribers in Trakya and Gaziantep regions. Parallel to the license expansion that started in 2016, Zorlu Enerji continues its investments at full speed to provide natural gas distribution service for more citizens in Trakya and Gaziantep regions. The company takes an active role in planning and realizing of our country’s natural gas objectives and to accomplish them it contributes to the realization of international projects.


Zorlu Enerji is constantly developing its place on Natural Gas Trade Market every year while accomplishing the trade of 3% of total consumed natural gas in Turkey since 2010. Growing steadily in the energy market, Zorlu Enerji provides quality natural gas to the consumers continuously and nature friendly through transmission and distribution lines


Zorlu Enerji performs Engineering, Purchasing and Construction (EPC) works on big scale turnkey projects. Combining technical knowledge and expertise with organizational skills, Zorlu Enerji targets to meet the requirements of international markets on energy generation field to become a leading international EPC contractor and expand to growing new regional markets.


Entering management and maintenance field with undertaking the maintenance services of its own Bursa and Lüleburgaz Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants and building its expertise on a solid foundation in years, Zorlu Enerji now serves a broad customer portfolio including co-generation and combined cycle power plants along with hydroelectricity, wind and geothermal plants on nine different countries.


Zorlu Enerji carries on its research and investment plans in solar energy field, in which our country has a high potential. Starting from the first quarter of 2016, Zorlu Enerji operates on in a wide range of fields from production to consultancy and from panel leasing to export. Zorlu Enerji is now up to be the sole distributor of First Solar in 26 countries in East Europe, Eurasia and East Mediterranean. First Solar develops new generation technologies on solar energy.


Zorlu Enerji continues to implement cutting edge technologies while designing and providing new generation energy solutions in order to be the best energy brand. To this end, Zorlu Enerji prioritizes the popularization of electric vehicles in Turkey in line with its objectives. The group is already taking its first steps by launching the ZES (Zorlu Energy Solutions) Charging Stations, the fastest charging station network in Turkey. While extending the ZES Charging Stations network all over the country in a short amount of time, the group is providing a much-needed solution to one of electric vehicle users’ most prominent problems by making intercity transportation with electric vehicles possible.

electrip, another Zorlu Enerji brand, provides all drivers with the opportunity to have an electric car experience through an hourly-rental system. electrip offers a convenient, innovative and an environmentalist alternative in intracity transportation. Just downloading the mobile app and signing in allows drivers to enjoy this experience. Along with the ability to make reservations for electric vehicles, users are able to use features like locking/locking-out and ending the trip by paying with application.

Zorlu Enerji maintains its stance as a firm supporter of R&D by pioneering many projects in fields, such as electric vehicle technologies and charging stations, its network and distributions.

Zorlu Enerji also makes a difference with its projects on efficient consumption of energy sources. Through its energy consultancy services, Zorlu Enerji provides consumers with more efficient ways of energy use. This, in turn, contributes to cost saving as well as strengthening the idea of sustainable energy and making way for a greener future.