Company Profile

Founded as the first company of Zorlu Energy Group in 1993, Zorlu Enerji is one of the leading players in the Turkish energy sector with over 25 years of industrial experience. The Company is an integrated utility operating in electricity generation, electricity and gas distribution and electricity wholesale and retail sales segments and has a balanced generation portfolio, which offers both resource and geographical diversity.

Electricity Generation

Zorlu Enerji has 991 MW* of total installed capacity.

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The Company’s generation portfolio comprises:

  • 7 hydroelectric, 1 wind, 4 geothermal and 2 natural gas power plants in Turkey and
  • 1 wind power plant in Pakistan, 1 solar power plant in Palestine and 3 natural gas power plants in Israel.

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87% of Zorlu Enerji’s installed capacity in Turkey and 62% of its total installed capacity are based on renewable energy resources.

Acting with the principle of undertaking projects which contribute to sustainability in every aspect, Zorlu Enerji aims to further increase the share of renewables in its generation portfolio, particularly of geothermal and solar energy, and enhance its resource diversity.

Mainly focusing on geothermal energy investments in Turkey, Zorlu Enerji is the leading player in geothermal energy in Turkey with its 305 MW of installed capacity and accounts for nearly 18% of the total installed geothermal energy capacity in the country.

*Stake adjusted

Electricity Distribution and Retail Sales

Zorlu Enerji acquired Osmangazi Elektrik Dağıtım AŞ (OEDAŞ), which distributes electricity in the provinces of Eskişehir, Kütahya, Uşak, Bilecik and Afyonkarahisar (Osmangazi Region) and Osmangazi Elektrik Perakende Satış AŞ (OEPSAŞ), a retail sales company, for a total consideration of USD 360 million on February 2, 2017.

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OEDAŞ is the incumbent grid operator for the Osmangazi region and serves close to c. 1.98 million users as of the end of 2022. OEPSAŞ is the assigned supplier for the region while it also sells electricity to eligible consumers. In 2022, OEPSAŞ sold approximately 6.8 billion kWh of electricity to a total of 1.98 million customers.

Electricity Trade & Sales

Zorlu Elektrik Enerjisi Ithalat Ihracat ve Toptan AŞ (Zorlu Elektrik), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zorlu Enerji, sells electricity to eligible consumers under the “Supply License” granted by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.
Zorlu Elektrik’s main activities include:

  • Retail sales of electricity to individuals and corporate customers who qualify to be eligible consumers,
  • Electricity trading in the Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets operated by the Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST),
  • Wholesale electricity trading on the Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Derivatives Markets (VIOP),
  • Export and import of electricity and
  • Acting as Balance Responsible Party.

Zorlu Elektrik has a diverse customer base and makes direct electricity sales to eligible consumers which include residential users and SMEs in addition to large corporate and industrial clients.

Natural Gas Distribution

Zorlu Enerji’s wholly-owned subsidiary Zorlu Enerji Dağıtım AŞ acquired 90% of the shares of Trakya Bölgesi Doğalgaz Dağıtım AŞ ("Trakya Gaz") and Gazdaş Gaziantep Doğalgaz Dağıtım AŞ ("Gazdaş"), which are regional gas distribution companies, for a total consideration of TL 293 million from Zorlu Group companies and Zorlu Family members in September 2018.

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As of the end of 2022, it serves c.452,000 subscribers in the Edirne-Kırklareli-Tekirdağ Natural Gas Distribution Region through Trakya Bölgesi Doğal Gaz Dağıtım AŞ (“Trakya Doğal Gaz”), and c.384,000 subscribers in the Gaziantep-Kilis-Nizip Natural Gas Distribution Region through Gazdaş Gaziantep Doğal Gaz Dağıtım AŞ (“Gaziantep Doğal Gaz”).

Smart Systems

In line with its vision to become the energy company of the future, Zorlu Enerji established Smart Systems Group in 2017 to invest in and develop an array of smart systems ranging from smart home and smart energy management systems to electric car-sharing services and electric vehicle charging stations. The Smart Systems Group first and foremost focuses on spreading the use of electric vehicles in Turkey and the development of a charging infrastructure for the electric vehicles.