Career and Talent Management

At Zorlu Enerji, we base on planning our employees’ development in line with their competencies to manage their careers and develop their skills correctly. Our employees, whose standards are set according to their work and performance results, experience, and competencies within the company, are included in the internal promotion process. Employees who fulfill the requirements can be appointed to upper positions or different departments by rotation.

We train our employees to support the development of their talents and careers. At the same time, we are organized to train and appoint our managers within the company. In the Development Center, which we include Vice General Managers and higher levels, we improve their positions' technical and managerial competencies. We included the manager-level employees in this program in 2020. We make emergency plans and consider organizational changes and promotions through backup plans. Thus, we ensure the sustainability of our human resources with these plans for senior executives.

With this application, which we contribute to Zorlu Enerji and the formation of Zorlu Holding’s Talent Pool, the rate of human resources that can immediately serve as backup has reached up to 80 percent in 2020. Also, according to the Development Center results, we prepare online leadership programs due to the needs.