Stakeholder Participation and Local Development


Our Group identifies risks and opportunities by analyzing possible impacts in detail prior to investments in social and economic terms in all invested regions; focuses on adding value to the region and its residents with a consciousness towards local people and the environment. We care about the evaluation of the environmental and social impacts of our activities in the regions of our power plants or new investment areas by the local population of the area. In this regard, we hold the “stakeholder participation studies” which allow the local populace to share their opinions and recommendations with our Group.


Initiating the first energy education project with national scale in Turkey conducted by an energy company, Zorlu Energy  expanded the project in its fifth year.

With the “Our Energy for Children” project initiated in 2010, Zorlu Energy supported raising awareness on renewable energy resources, sustainability and energy efficiency with 180 thousand children, now taking an important step to expand the area of influence in the project. The contents and activities in the project have been prepared by expert pedagogues, energy and education experts. Through school activities with updated contents and spread over the full year, “Our Energy for Children” project provides an intensive learning process, while the Group supports raising 8.750 students in 92 schools in 5 regions as the next generation to solve the energy issues.

The Group, restructured the “Our Energy for Children” corporate social responsibility project, initiated in 2010, to equip the children with accurate information on energy and raise awareness in sustainable development. The project aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge in elementary school children on the place of energy in our lives, use of energy resources, energy efficiency, energy saving and protecting the environment, and reached over 180 thousand students so far. The project conducts its practices through teachers by supporting the energy and climate change topics in the curriculum prepared by the Ministry of National Education, allowing children to learn through play.

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Our Energy for Educating Autistic Children Project

Tohum Turkey Autism Early Detection and Education Foundation is a non-governmental organization with successful practices in leading the way for early diagnosis of autism, involving autistic children in the society through special education and popularizing such activities throughout the country.

The project initiated by Zorlu Energy  with the slogan “Our Energy for Children’s Education” project, which has continued for three years, provides electricity to the Tohum Autism Foundation, and established cooperation with the foundation to create more resources for education, the only method of treatment for autistic children. With the Istanbul Marathon on 16 November 2014, each step taken for autistic children has been evaluated for the educational scholarship for children, helping raise awareness on autism.

Each Breath is Energy

Each Breath is Energy project so far gathered enough electricity to meet the energy needs of 24 village schools in Tunceli, Erzurum, Kars, Erzincan, Rize, Kayseri, Tokat, Istanbul and Osmaniye. Our website has so far received 53 thousand visitors and generated 200 million kilowatts of virtual energy.

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Scholarship Program

Zorlu Energy provides scholarship to college students in the investment regions, who are successful and need financial assistance. The scholarship program was initiated in 2009 in a single region with 82 students and reached 6 provinces and 250 students in 2014, 7 provinces and 287 students in 2015 and continues to expand.

For detailed information on our scholarship program: Mehmet Zorlu Foundation

Give a Hand to Life Project

Aiming to increase its competitiveness through social and environmental, holistic practices in addition to its economic value, the Group contributes to first aid education in the villages of Osmaniye and other investment areas, and supports the project “Give a Hand to Life” which ensures proper first aid until the medical teams reach the villages. Initiated in cooperation with Osmaniye Provincial Directorate of Health, the first of its kind in Turkey and the world, the Give a Hand to Life project ensures first aid education to selected, trained and skilled individuals in the villages of Osmaniye. Reaching 102 people in 14 villages that are outside the 20-minute ambulance access distance, the project’s implementation started in late 2015.


In addition to electricity generation in the investment areas, Zorlu Energy contributes to the solution of the region’s social, economic and cultural issues and needs, creating permanent and sustainable value.

Taking up the duty of supporting the local governments’ activities for social services as a responsible corporate citizen, Zorlu Energy carries out the following activities to support the provision of drinking and utility water in the villages, road construction, local cultural and traditional activity sponsorship, local promotion, zoning and restoration of common venues, village development and sponsoring amateur sports activities.

Supporting Infrastructure Services

* Provision of Drinking and Utility Water,
* Irrigation Ditches Cleaning and Maintenance, 
* Village Internal Road Construction, 
* Sewage Project Support,

Cultural Support

* Sponsorship for Agricultural Festivals/Festivities,
* Sponsorship for Camel Wrestling Festivals 
* Ege University, Botanical Park Seed Storage Unit Support, 
* Sponsorship for Manisa Museum, Sculpture Works Book Printing Sponsorship.

Support for Sports

With the perspective of a responsible investor, Zorlu Energy supports local amateur sports clubs to encourage children and youth to engage in sports activities in the investment regions. In this context, Manisa Alaşehir Belediyespor Women’s Volleyball Team, Osmaniye Demirspor Women’s Football and Volleyball Teams, Tunceli, Ovacık Ulaşspor Football Club, Denizlispor Football Club and Tercan Belediye Sports Club are supported. In addition to the sportsmen and sportswomen of supported clubs, the summer and winter sports schools and courses provided by the these clubs ensure approximately 3 thousand children and young people to engage in sports.

Slam Dunk to the Life Project

Slam Dunk to the Life is one of the significant projects initiated by Zorlu Energy to support social and societal life in the investment regions, in addition to economic life. 
The 3-year social responsibility project initiated in 2015 in Aydın Buharkent, a region of geothermal energy investment, which stands out with a growing economy and young population, “Slam Dunking Life with the Youth of Buharkent” is carried out under the leadership of Zorlu Energy  in cooperation with the Municipality and District Governorate of Buharkent. The Group supports the “Slam Dunk to the Life” project allowing 100 disadvantaged young people and children each year to engage in sports in spare time, diverting energy in useful activities and actively participating in social life.

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