By disclosing its strategies for climate change via the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Platform in 2014, Zorlu Energy secured its position among 5 companies with the 10% highest scoring companies in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index. It was also the only energy company to conduct volunteered reporting in the Carbon Disclosure Project, and received the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Award as one of the top scoring companies. Our Company received at least one award each year since 2010, when the CDP, the only global reporting platform examining the role of market mechanisms in combating climate change, was initiated in Turkey, demonstrating the company’s success in this regard.

Zorlu Energy left the International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference (ICCI) 2014 with two of the Energy Awards. Aiming to support the growth and development of the Energy industry and highlight the services and contributions, Energy Awards have featured a scoring system with pre-defined, measurable criteria and assessed by reputable and competent members of the industry among applicant plants and projects. Gökçedağ RES and Kızıldere II GES projects have been assessed for energy efficiency, sustainability, social responsibility and the share of domestic resources used. Kızıldere II Plant, the largest geothermal power plant with highest capacity in a single facility in Turkey, also achieved international success through its technological and integrated infrastructure. The plant became the finalist in the “European Geothermal Innovation Award 2014” in the assessment by the European Geothermal Energy Council for criteria such as innovation, safety, unique design, low carbon emission and advanced structure in energy outputs.

Zorlu Energy received the Low Carbon Heroes Award in the II. Istanbul Carbon Summit organized on 2-3 April 2015 by Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D) and Energy Efficiency Association (ENVER). Therefore, our practices for carbon management, carbon markets and transition to clean energy technologies have been awarded.
The Company’s 2015 agenda received the “Golden Award” in the Hermes Creativity Awards, brand marketing materials category, which assesses the most creative and successful communications marketing activities globally, using creative design, rich content and unique messages.

Zorlu Energy received the “Golden Voltage” Award for its corporate responsibility performance in the 5th Turkish Energy Summit, which brings together the leaders of the energy industry. The summit, brining numerous domestic and foreign companies in the electricity, natural gas, petrol and LNG industries, awarded companies competing with their social responsibility projects. Considering business that respects the environment and individuals as one of its fundamental values, Zorlu Energy received the Golden Voltage Award for applying its sustainability policy, implemented with dedication, to its corporate social responsibility projects.

Zorlu Energy’s 2013 Activity Report received the “Golden Vision Award” in the Activity Reports Vision Awards organized by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). The competition evaluated 1,000 companies from over 20 countries where Zorlu Energy’s Activity Report was greatly appreciated for its rich content, plain and impressive narrative, creative design, open and transparent messages.