Our Sustainability Strategy


The sector leader in sustainability performance, our Group published its first Sustainability Report in 2011, becoming the first energy company to share its sustainability performance with all stakeholders. Having published three Sustainability Reports so far, within the framework of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), our Group carried out studies in March 2015 evaluating the current sustainability practices to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy, analyzing shortcomings, establishing strategies and objectives and defining improvement actions. Our sustainability objectives and relevant actions within the scope of our strategy are listed in the following 5 topics.

Our Sustainability Strategy



The Sustainability Board, involving various unit managers of the Group, has been formed in October 2015 to manage the issues included in the scope of sustainability more effectively and in a larger context, determining our sustainability strategy and leading the way in the implementation of objectives and actions.

The units represented in the Sustainability Board play an important role in tracking and developing the objectives and actions in our sustainability strategy, and managing priority issues of sustainability. Furthermore, developing channels and tools of communication for employees to contribute to sustainability activities, identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities are among the Board’s duties.

Zorlu Energy Sustainability Board is chaired by the Environmental and Corporate Responsibility Manager and convenes on a quarterly basis with one representative from Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Management Systems, Accounting, Procurement, Investments, Electricity and Natural gas trade, GAZDAŞ, Risk Management, Internal Supervision and Control, Legal and Investor Affairs units as well as plant management delegates.

The Sustainability Board directly reports all its activities to the Zorlu Energy CEO and the member of the Executive Board Who is responsible for sustainability subjects.