Stakeholder Governance

Stakeholder groups that our organization is in constant interaction:

Our StakeholdersWe attach importance to being a part of the region in which we invest in the projects we implement, to the ownership of our investments by the people of the region, to develop communication with our stakeholders and to be in open communication in this direction. We ensure continuity in the communication process with our stakeholders through periodic employee satisfaction surveys, sustainability priorities survey, customer satisfaction survey, reputation research, project-based stakeholder participation and information meetings, environmental impact assessment studies, public participation meetings, prioritization workshops and one-on-one visits. As Zorlu Enerji, we define our stakeholders as individuals and organizations that are affected by our activities and also have an impact on the success of our Company. We aim to make the benefits we provide to all our key stakeholders sustainable for a sustainable growth.

  • Employees
  • Shareholders and Investors
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Public and Regulatory Bodies
  • Local Community and Local Administrations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Media
  • Students/Academicians/Prospective Employees

Current Communication Methods with Our Stakeholders


  • Employee satisfaction survey (annually)
  • Intranet ‘Bir Fikrim Var’ (I Have an Idea) section (constant)
  • Sustainability survey (annually)
  • Coordination meetings (once a month)
  • Employee suggestion and complaint mechanism (constant)
  • Communication Expectation and Satisfaction Survey (annually)
  • Customers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (every two years)
  • Reputation survey (every three years)
  • Website (constant)
  • Call center (constant)
  • Market research (when required)

Shareholders and Investors

  • KAP Statements (constant)
  • General Assembly (annually)
  • Investor Relations e-mail (constant)
  • Information sharing meetings (annually)
  • Board meetings (monthly)

Public and Regulatory Bodies

  • Consultation meetings (several times a year)
  • Conference/Panel/Projects (several times a year)
  • Collaborations regarding legal regulations (constant)
  • Reputation survey (every three years)

Local Community and Local Administrations

  • Information meetings (several times a year)
  • Stakeholder engagement studies (several times a year)
  • Visits (several times a year)
  • Social responsibility projects (constant)
  • Stakeholder suggestion and grievance mechanism (constant)
  • Reputation survey (every three years)

Media Members

  • Press meetings and announcements
  • Private conversation and information
  • Press trips
  • Reputation survey (every three years)

Financial Institutions

  • Management and related department meetings (constant)
  • Information meetings (several times a year)
  • Reputation survey (every two or three years)
  • Investment Monitoring Visits (every six months)

Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Social responsibility projects (constant)
  • Meetings (several times a year)
  • Reputation survey (every three years)


  • Face-to-face meetings (constant)
  • Audits (several times a year)
  • Fairs (several times a year)
  • E-mail (constant)

Students/Academicians/Prospective Employees

  • Scientific organizations (several times a year)
  • R&D projects and technical trips (several times a year)
  • University visits (several times a year)

The Communication Channels with Our Stakeholders

In order to ensure continuity in our communication with our stakeholders, we periodically conduct an employee satisfaction survey, sustainability survey, customer satisfaction survey, reputation research, project-based stakeholder participation and information meetings, and we use prioritization workshops, fairs, technical trips, various content meetings, our website, our operation center, our call center, social media accounts, e-mails, petitions and one-on-one visits for this aim.

As Zorlu Enerji, we have different complaint mechanism tools. Our contact information is available at on our website in order for all our stakeholders to convey their complaints, suggestions and requests to our company.

Everyone can access our company operations through the following communication channels for complaints regarding our 'Electricity and Gas Distribution':

  • Corporate website,
  • Processing centers,
  • 186 call centers,
  • Socilal media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.),
  • Complaint sites,
  • E-mail,
  • Government offices (written complaints received through public institutions),
  • Petitions

All requests, suggestions and complaints are handled one by one and answered according to the channel they come from.

As Zorlu Enerji, we see it as our corporate priority to create a modern, decent work environment that allows participation and respects human rights. For this reason, we apply a transparent process for the receipt and resolution of employee complaints. In case of any doubt regarding the content of our Code of Ethics and/or witnessing a behavior or practice contrary to the rules, all employees who want to communicate or consult us can access our Ethical Principles Notification Line at any time of the day by e-mail ( and by calling (0 212 456 23 23) or (0 850 226 23 23).

You can access the Zorlu Energy Stakeholder Management Procedure via the link.

You can access the Comprehensive Community Development Plan via the link.

You can access the Kızıldere III GPP Capacity Extension Project via the link.