Our NGO Collaborators

Tohum Autism Foundation

We Channel our Energy to the Education of Children with Autism!

We cover electricity needs of Tohum Autism Foundation’s training building and the headquarters free of charge as part of the project launched in 2013. As part of the initiative which will continue until late 2016, we contributed to autism awareness with the help of our 40 volunteer employees, who participated in Istanbul Marathon. The collected donations supported the execution of Foundation’s operations.

Turkey Spastic Children's Foundation 


Since 2015, Zorlu Energy has been supporting Steptember, one of the projects developed by Turkey Spastic Children's Foundation (TSÇV) to raise awareness of Cerebral Palsy (CP) in the society. The campaign is simultaneously implemented in nine countries in the world between September 1 and 28. Zorlu Energy lent a bigger support to Steptember in 2016 with its 96 employees, up from 24 in 2015.

Known to take an average of 3,000 steps per day with Steptember, the office employees are encouraged to take 10,000 steps per day. On one hand, participants improve their sports habits by taking 10,000 steps and on the other hand, they contribute to the treatment of children with CP with the donations they collect. The teams use the donations they collect throughout September for the education and rehabilitation of individuals with CP.  

Our NGO Collaborators


Tüvana Education Foundation for Children Eager to Study

We had a three-year cooperation as part of the “Our Energy is For Children” project in 2012, 2013, and 2014. We achieved another first as part of the “Our Energy is For Children” project, Turkey’s first project for the children in the energy area in cooperation with TOÇEV. We staged the Green Dragon, a two-person interactive game and Turkey’s first energy drama for nearly 30,000 fifth, sixth, and seventh-grade students in our investment areas covering 19 cities. The play was written by Hakan Bilgin, a theater artist. We staged the play in nearly 100 schools for 262 times. It created awareness of energy, clean and renewable energy resources, and energy conservation among children. Also, we endeavored to create opportunities for children eager to study with our support for TOÇEV.

Another cooperation topic involves the “Our Energy is For Children’s Education” campaign, which was implemented with the participation of Zorlu Energy’s volunteer employees. In this context, our 30 employee volunteers participated in Istanbul Marathon for the benefit of TOÇEV creating awareness and donation campaign on behalf of TOÇEV.


The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer

In 2014, we made collaboration with KAÇUV as part of the Private Sector Volunteers Week. Our Employee volunteers visited 97 children suffering from cancer in KAÇUV house, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital and Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. They also provided them with necessary materials as a gift and carried out morale and motivation-enhancing activities such as balloon workshop.


Private Sector Volunteers Association

Private Sector Volunteers Week takes place annually during the second week of May. Our company is a corporate member of ÖSGD, and our employee volunteers take part in the activities coordinated by the Association to create social benefits. Tohum Autism Foundation and KAÇUV represent the beginning of such cooperations.


Environment and Climate Change Working Group

Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association is an active member of the Environment and Climate Change Working Group, and it carries out activities on regulations, issues, and solution proposals regarding the environment, energy, and climate change. In this context, we ensure active cooperation in many projects and activities.

We offer both financial and content support to the research project as one of the supporters of the Fight against the Climate Change Project with a view of Economy Projection.

TEMA Foundation

The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats

Osmaniye Provincial Representation Office

Our company worked in collaboration with the TEMA Foundation’s Osmaniye Provincial Representation Office to plant 23,000 saplings in the Osmaniye-Gökçedağ Wind Power Plant as part of the Zero Carbon Footprint Forests Project since 2010.


Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation & LÖSEV

Foundation for Children with Leukemia

Our company adopts the principle of making beneficial contributions to the energy industry and Turkey regarding sustainable environmental awareness. We act with an awareness of the responsibility we have in raising young generations that are sensitive to the environment and the world they live in.

Zorlu Energy has implemented “Our Energy is for Children” social responsibility project since 2010 with an aim to increase awareness among primary school children of “the use of energy resources, energy’s place and importance in our lives, energy efficiency, energy conservation, the protection of the environment.” So far, the project reached 180,000 students including primary schools in villages and city centers.

In 2015, the project was restructured with the sustainability approach with adherence to key messages to instill children with “correct energy-related information as they will resolve the future’s energy problems” One of the project’s most important goals is to increase the knowledge level of future generations who will have a say in production, management, and efficiency of energy resources. This will also contribute to raising individuals as a global citizen with an awareness on the efficient and effective use of energy, able to develop solution methods through science-based discoveries.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the project contents for third and fourth-grade students under the “Our Energy is for Children” project were arranged according to Social Sciences and Life Sciences learnings and course units as a supportive education kit of three presentations under the topic titles “The World we Live in,” “Our Life is Energy,” and “Our Energy is for our Future.”

The 2015-2016 Education Year included educational projects to be implemented for the third and fourth-grade children in 92 schools in 5 regions such as Gaziantep Center and Nurdağı, Edirne-Center, Tekirdağ-Süleymanpaşa, Denizli-Sarayköy, Aydın-Buharkent, Manisa-Alaşehir, and Osmaniye Center.  These educational studies include materials on energy and child development issues such as school games, contents of which was prepared with the help of a committee of academics as well as special day activities, children's books, and websites.

The project has been transformed into a long-term educational activity with lasting results and it serves many targets such as underlining the importance attached to children, creating awareness among children of energy, efficiency, and renewable energy, and heightening a sense of belonging in our power plant and project areas through children.

To date, the “Our Energy is for Children” training programs have been organized at primary schools in the cities where our company invested including Osmaniye, Denizli, Rize, Erzincan, Kars, Gaziantep, and Tekirdağ as well as in Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey’s (TEGV) education parks and Foundation for Children with Leukemia’s Village for Children with Leukemia in Ankara. Energy training programs were also provided to the children of employees in all the companies operating under the Zorlu Energy umbrella. Green Dragon, the project’s cute mascot, established communications with children through an interactive presentation on renewable energy resources and energy conservation. Children raise their families' awareness with their energy conservation knowledge and the materials distributed by the project team (the task kit that includes special education materials).

Detailed information about the project is available on this link:  https://tegv.org/2011/07/enerjimiz-cocuklar-icin