Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding

At Zorlu Enerji, we carry out recruitment processes in line with our corporate goals and principles, with the philosophy of recruiting right candidate for the right position, and within the framework of a policy that ensures equal opportunity. We believe that diversity is essential when evaluating prospective employees and do not tolerate any discrimination based on gender, age, religion, language, race, sect, social status, physical build, ethnicity, sexual orientation or any other personal features. We pay particular attention to the candidate’s ability to adapt to our positive, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial corporate culture as well as having the competencies required by the task they will undertake.

We invite candidates who are suitable for the relevant position to an interview if they have the knowledge, experience and training required by the department where they will be hired. In addition to technical competencies, we also evaluate core competencies in terms of prospective employees’ adaptation to the company culture. We refer our candidates to personality inventory and foreign language tests according to position requirements, and candidates for managerial roles to assessment center processes.

At Zorlu Enerji, the solid steps we take for a sustainable life in line with Smart Life 2030, the common strategy of Zorlu Group, the fact that we make sustainability a way of doing business in the activities we carry out, and our portfolio based on renewable resources and clean energy make our company more and more preferable for employees every day.

As the Energy Company of the Future, we are fostering our business environment where new generation employees can realize their dreams for a better world with breakthroughs for Turkey such as smart energy systems, electric car charging station network and electric car rental, as well as pioneering investments in hydroelectricity, geothermal and solar energy, and clean energy-focused R&D projects supported by the European Union.

You can discover job and internship opportunities at Zorlu Enerji on LinkedIn and Kariyer.net and submit your application.


With the SENERJİ Young Talent Program, Zorlu Enerji recruits fourth-year undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates of universities by offering them the opportunity to work long-term. Candidates participating in the SENERJİ Young Talent Program, after completing our training modules determined within the scope of the program, work at different departments and various projects at Zorlu Enerji at least three days a week and become a part of the teams that develop the solutions of the future. Thanks to this experience, they have the opportunity to shape their career choices and develop competencies and skills in the areas they want to advance. 


Our company, which manages to unite new graduates, who have chosen Zorlu Enerji as the starting point of their careers,and professionals from different generations who are accomplished experts in their fields around the goal of a sustainable life, continues to be an organization that creates value not only for Zorlu Enerji but also for our country and the world with its investment in diversity and talent.


The main responsibilities of the human resources team and the entire management team include communicating the Zorlu Enerji employer brand internally and externally in the most accurate way, attracting the best talents to Zorlu Enerji and playing an active role in the recruitment process. Candidates are evaluated based on their functional suitability for the job, as well as their potential to contribute to Zorlu Group’s values, organization and other areas outside of work.


Within the framework of our Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition strategy, we aim to give our new teammates the experience of being a Zorlu Enerji employee from the moment they accept our offer through the Onboarding Program. To this end, we support adaptation to the corporate culture through practices such as in-house welcome announcements on the first working day, welcome kit, buddy assignment, orientation program, and evaluation interviews with employees in the first and sixth months.

Zorlu Enerji attaches importance to university-industry cooperation in order to contribute to the development of the energy sector in Turkey. In this context, we frequently come together with students at universities and various events and enhance our sectoral engagement.