Zorlu Elektrik Enerjisi İthalat İhracat ve Toptan Ticaret A.Ş. (Zorlu Elektrik) is a Zorlu Enerji company founded in 2000 with the purpose of buying electricity from home or free zones and selling it at home as wholesale or direct sale or exporting it to abroad. The company successfully operates in the energy sector with the “Supply License” granted by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey (EPDK).

Zorlu Elektrik’s fundamental activities:

- Electricity sales to persons and entities within the scope of Independent Consumers,
- Wholesale electricity trade in over-the-counter “OTC” markets,
- Company management responsible for balancing.

Within the scope of its main activities, Zorlu Elektrik carries out demand and price estimations, production planning, pricing, sales, risk and portfolio management, reconciliation and invoicing activities. The company prepares alternative pricing options for consumers adapted for hourly, term and market prices in bilateral agreements. Zorlu Elektrik creates tariff packages with high savings conforming with consumers’ consumption volumes and tendencies and offers solutions to minimize costs.

In addition to electricity sales to independent consumers, Zorlu Elektrik carries out commercial activities with other leading organizations in the industry, conducting energy purchase and sales through bilateral agreements with other Energy Companies in the market. As a consequence of the practices towards the privatization of electricity markets gaining momentum in recent years, new regulations and bylaws are prepared by the government and studies on the Energy Exchange and Derivatives Markets (OTC) continue. Zorlu Elektrik supports such effort to transform the market into the intended liberal and competitive structure, and stands by all practices to bring additional value to the industry and consumers as one of its most important actors.