Our Supply Chain

We carry out our procurement activities with HQ and local procurement organizations.

Both the needs of our Business Directorates and the needs of our projects are met through the relevant procurement organizations, and we try to reach the most suitable supplier to meet the needs in line with the offers received. We evaluate the commercial conditions, deadlines, technical competence and social impact of the suppliers we reach, and we work with companies that are found to be sufficient in this direction.

Within the scope of our Sustainability Strategy that we determined at the end of 2018, we integrate our company's procurement principles, which include environmental, social and ethical criterias into the contracts we make with suppliers. In addition, we determine our strategic suppliers and conduct surveys to evaluate suppliers and organize training programs to improve our suppliers.

In our company, there is no situation that may require penalties arising from the supply chain. No supplier contract or order has been canceled due to human rights, corruption and labor / environmental practices.

Zorlu Holding AŞ Procurement Principles cover the purchasing operations of all Zorlu Group Companies and include the basic rules of conduct expected from our suppliers. Click to access Procurement Principles.

The compliance of our strategic partners in our supply chain with the ISO 26000 standard in the context of ESG and sustainability has been evaluated, and the points open to improvement and the current situation of our stakeholders in our supply chain and the sector have been determined.

In this direction, sustainability training was provided to our critical suppliers.