The Zorlu O&M Calibration Center goes through an unannounced inspection

The ZORLU O&M Calibration Center, which is located in the 3rd Organized Industrial Zone in Gaziantep and is authorized to carry out the calibration and adjustment procedures of G2.5–G4 and G6 type domestic natural gas meters, passed the unannounced inspection conducted by the Gaziantep Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology as rightfully deserved.


Director of the Zorlu O&M Calibration Center Mehmet Akif Deniz, who made a statement after the unannounced inspection, expressed that Zorlu O&M is the first and only calibration center in the East of Turkey and added the following: "The meters are calibrated in accordance with the standards set forth in the Regulation on Measures and Inspection of Measuring Instruments. We meticulously conduct laboratory testing activities. Following testing procedures, the meter adjusting procedures adjustments of uncalibrated meters are carried out by our personnel authorized by the Ministry for the repair and calibration of measurement instruments."

Having stated that they previously had to pay high logistical fees for sending the meters of all natural gas distribution companies located in the surrounding provinces and eastern regions to distant provinces like Istanbul, Deniz said, "With the launch of our Calibration Center, the meters, which are sensitive measuring equipment, can be calibrated in our city. This allows for the significant reduction of both time and financial costs. Our Calibration Center, which adopts loyalty as one of its core values, did not leave the questions put forth by the authorities of the Gaziantep Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology unanswered during the unannounced inspection, and at the same time has proved the importance it attaches to calibration and adjustment through an inspection that went well. We would hereby like to inform the natural gas distribution companies that have not yet heard about this service. They can send their devices to our Calibration Center for calibration without hesitation."

100 thousand units can be serviced yearly
The Calibration Center, which completed authorization and inspection processes at the end of 2017, has been performing the calibration of diaphragm natural gas meters from various provinces and districts of Turkey since January of 2018. Constructed on a 1,200 square meter open area and a 600 square meter indoor area, the Zorlu O&M Calibration Center has a capacity to service 100,000 meters annually. Furthermore the facility consists of an enclosed warehouse area with a 30,000 counter capacity in order to provide protection against solar rays and other weather conditions prior to testing.