Zorlu Energy is Among the Signatories of the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) for an Equal Life

Zorlu Energy Signed WEPs for an “Eşit Bi’Hayat” (Equal Life)

Turkey's Zorlu Energy native and pioneer in the field of renewable energy, is taking firm steps to ensure gender equality and equal life for women and men work in the context of the energy sector. Accordingly, the company was among the signatories of Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), one of the most important global private sector initiatives aimed at empowering women in order to ensure that women can participate in all sectors and at all levels, in economic life.

Zorlu Energy contributes to the studies on gender equality, which is one of the most important rings of sustainability-oriented change and transformation movement, which was implemented in line with the Smart Life 2030 vision. Starting from this vision, Zorlu Energy signed WEPs, a joint initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact, consisting of a set of principles that provide guidance on how to promote gender equality and empowerment of women in the workplace and society.

Zorlu Energy will proceed by taking WEPs as a guide in order to develop policies and business practices that will empower women working in the energy sector. The 7 principles signed by Zorlu Energy are as follows;

  • Providing high-level corporate leadership for gender equality
  • To treat all women and men fairly in business life, to respect human rights and non-discrimination principle, to support these principles
  • Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all female and male employees
  • Supporting women's education, training and professional development opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial development, supply chain and marketing methods for women's empowerment
  • Promoting equality through social initiatives and advocacy work
  • Evaluation of the achievements regarding gender equality and public reporting