Zorlu Energy opens a Branch in Kazakhstan

Zorlu Energy continues to grow also abroad

Zorlu Energy opens a Branch in Kazakhstan

Zorlu Energy will open a branch in Almaty to carry out its activities in the field of renewable energy and to increase its investments.

The pioneer of renewable energy ‘Zorlu Energy’ in Turkey, continues to improve its services to add value to the regions where it operates.

Zorlu Energy opens its Almaty branch in Kazakhstan in order to invest in the capacity of investors to operate in solar energy, renewable energy and other energy,so they will be able to sign also EPC contracts by doing EPC activities and to work on all matters within the company's field of activity.

Being one of the most economically developed countries among CIS countries, Kazakhstan is able to provide 50 percent of its installed power from renewable energy sources within the scope of its targets for the year 2050. Zorlu Energy also acts in this direction to invest in renewable energy in Kazakhstan; especially it aims to reach solar and wind projects that are at least 250 MW capacity.