Zorlu Enerji Entered the BIST Sustainability Index for the 3rd Time in a row

Having published its 5th Sustainability Report under the leadership of the Sustainability Board, Zorlu Enerji also took part in the BIST Sustainability Index for the third time.

Zorlu Enerji, as one of the pioneers in Turkey's domestic and renewable energy sectors, took place in the Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index (BIST) for the 3rd time in a row which lists companies that are traded in Borsa İstanbul and with a high level of corporate sustainability performance. Zorlu Enerji, which recently published its 5th Sustainability Report including the economic, social, environmental and corporate governance practices and its performance in these areas, has been continuing its development in this field.

Sustainability integrated into all Zorlu Enerji business processes
Zorlu Enerji CEO Sinan Ak, who made the evaluation on the subject, after stating that they define the sustainability as the key factor while creating the growth model, and that the carrier power of Zorlu Enerji's growth-weighted strategy is sustainability, said: “We take sustainability as a guide to all our works. Following the positive data in our 5th Sustainability report, published recently; the fact that we are in the BIST Sustainability Index without any gap is an indication that we are on the right track.” Emphasizing that "Sustainability is integrated into all business processes of Zorlu Enerji," Mr. Ak mentioned: “Every year we offer more contributions to Turkey’s future in social, environmental and economic fields which are the main axes of sustainability, while producing energy from domestic and renewable resources with innovative approaches”, and added that Zorlu Enerji has shaped its sustainability policies in line with concepts such as combating climate change, managing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water footprint, energy efficiency, responsible internal and external stakeholder dialogue and conservation of natural resources.