Zorlu Enerji has become the first electricity production company that “can account before the public”

Zorlu Enerji gained the right to be certified with the SA8000 standard, published by the International Social Responsibility Organization with its Zorlu Natural company. There are 12 companies in Turkey with the certification of the Standard, which first began to be implemented in 1999.

Zorlu Enerji follows global standards in every field in which it operates, and it gained the right to certify that it attained the international standards at the point of ensuring the fundamental rights of employees.

Zorlu Enerji gained the right to receive the SA8000 certificate, which is published by the International Social Responsibility Organization and which includes requirements aimed at providing the fundamental rights of employees, by successfully passing the conducted certification audit after work for the biennial social responsibility management system establishment project.

The standard process created by civil society, employers, and academics based on the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child includes requirements aimed at providing for the fundamental rights of employees and progresses in line with the principle of the willingness of the company on a global scale.

Six separate inspections every three years

The companies certified based on the SA8000 standard reach this certificate after a long process. Zorlu Enerji underwent checks by the SA8000 Inspectors, who have spent about three years in international education, and in the next three years will undergo five audits, of which two are unannounced. The company gained the rights to receive the certificate by demonstrating that it fulfilled its responsibilities in many areas like working conditions, whether it uses child labor, the health and safety conditions of employees, and working times.