Zorlu Enerji has published its 5th Sustainability Report

Zorlu Enerji has published its 5th Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI Standards under the leadership of the Sustainability Board. Positioning sustainability at the center of its business model in order to implement the smart energy systems of the future, Zorlu Enerji shares its sustainable development performance transparently with the public in its 2016-2017 period report.

As one of the pioneers in Turkey's domestic and renewable energy, Zorlu Enerji has issued the 5th Sustainability Report including social, societal and environmental applications in years 2016 and 2017 in line with sustainability, and its performance on these.

With this report, Zorlu Enerji aims to guide the efforts for raising awareness, monitoring and evaluation in order to put forward sustainable development targets for the future, to struggle against climate change and to ensure sustainable development.

Zorlu Enerji's 5th Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with the standarts of the Sustainability Reporting Principles of GRI, the globally recognized reporting system in this field.

The key factor of our growth-oriented strategy will be sustainability “

Zorlu Enerji Chairman Sinan Ak stated that they are continuing their investments in order to realize the smart energy systems of the future. He stated that they placed sustainability at the center while creating the growth model and the key factor behind Zorlu Enerji's growth-oriented strategy would be sustainability. Sinan Ak continued as follows: “We take sustainability as a guide to all our work and shape our sustainability policy in the direction of combating climate change, management of greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, responsible stakeholder dialogue and protection of natural resources, and we believe that this is the right and effective way to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.”

”With our renewable energy investments, we have reduced emissions as much as 3 thousand hectares of forest area“

Sinan Ak stated that as of the end of 2017, 76 percent of the domestic installed capacity of Zorlu Enerji was based on renewable energy sources, and that they were aware that global climate change was one of the biggest risks and threats, and added that they had implemented energy plant projects with clean, low emission and advanced technology. Sinan Ak continued his words as follows: “our total installed capacity with 444 MW of renewable energy capacity in 2015 reached 568 MW as of the end of 2017. At the same time, Zorlu Enerji's net electricity production from renewable energy resources was 77% of the total electricity generation of that in Turkey in 2016, this value reached 82% in 2017. As a result of our production from renewable energy sources in 2016-2017 covering this reporting period, we have achieved voluntary emission reduction up to 3 thousand hectares of forest. Yet, by carrying out the largest transplant applications in Turkey, we ported around 1600 fig and olive trees in the area of Kızıldere III JES to another location without harm. "

“We increased the amount of our social investments more than 3 times”

Sinan Ak emphasized that while providing energy from domestic and renewable sources with innovative approaches, they contributed to Turkey’s future more and more each year by benefits they provided to society in all regions where they operated, and added that they increased the social investments by more than 3 times compared to the previous reporting period and increased it from TL 3.1 million to TL 9.6 million. Sinan Ak continued as follows: “We have been voluntarily participating in the BIST Sustainability Index since 2016. As the first energy company that calculated the carbon footprint in Turkey, making our company Zorlu Enerji and Zorlu Doğal reporting for the first time in the program of CDP Water footprint, we lead the way in this regard.  Our companies Zorlu Enerji and Zorlu Doğal, received national and international awards including ”Climate Leadership” award of the “2017 CDP Climate Change Program” and the award of “LOW Carbon Hero” with our project “Our Energy is For Children“. All of these are developments that are very high in spiritual value, showing that we are on the right track. As Zorlu Enerji, we will continue to expand our investments in renewable and clean energy sources, especially solar, in the coming period. We will work for a smarter and sustainable future with our investments that will mobilize the smart energy systems of the future.