Zorlu O&M Calibration Center Informs

“Our Calibration Center, deriving power from Zorlu Energy’s experience in the sector, the latest technologies it has pioneered and its expert employees maintains its position as one of the most reliable addresses for precision gauges such as natural gas meters as well as pressure and temperature sensor calibrations”


In today’s service industry, calibration procedures are gaining more importance in order to ensure quality and continuity, especially in natural gas distribution processes. “Zorlu O&M Calibration Center”, established by Zorlu Energy, meticulously and safely calibrates diaphragm natural gas meters from G4 to G6 and recently they have started RMS-A (Regulation and Measuring Station) and Client Stations’ pressure and temperature sensors calibration. The service quality of the calibration center is based on Zorlu Energy’s industrial experience as well as the cutting-edge technologies utilized by employees specialized in their field.

Proper measuring, accurate analysis

Talking about the calibration center, Zorlu O&M Calibration Center Director Mehmet Akif Deniz stated that in order to increase the trust in calibration, distribution companies, organized industrial zones or consumers need to be protected against incorrect calibrations and/or measurement devices that have not been calibrated.

Deniz continued his speech as such: “Discussing and sharing the measurement devices and the findings on their respective importance in every platform is one of the important issues that will contribute to the sector in order to maintain quality and control in measurement. Even though the equipment aforementioned operates correctly and safely within legal frameworks, deviations may occur over time as a result of deformation, wear and fatigue of the device, due to the nature of the measuring equipment; in other words, the equipment may become de-calibrated. At this point, we meet the importance of calibration with all its seriousness. Our Calibration Center, which meets the requirements of national and international standards fully, ensures service quality by providing accuracy and reliability in measurement, complying with the technical specifications of the calibration and adjustment service, reporting capacity and delivering results on time. Our laboratory provides meticulous control of all the meters brought in for calibration, regardless of the reason of the delivery, while detecting meter interventions if there is any and informs customers about the process to be followed.”

“1-year calibration requirement in RMS-A stations should also be applied at least once in 3-4 years for client stations.”

Factors that directly affect the results when determining measurement-based figures in a RMS-A station are gas composition, one of the instant variables in the national network, pressure and temperature values due to their weighted importance. In order to keep these variables under control regarding measurement safety, it is crucial that pressure and temperature transmitters are calibrated in certain periods by certified employees. On the other hand, performing periodical calibration operations in high consumption client stations and other medium consumption groups will be very beneficial in terms of measurement safety.

A significant portion of the gas supplies in distribution companies or organized industrial zones are carried out from these stations. Therefore, possible mechanical or electronic measurement errors occurring at these stations may lead to losses within the distribution company.

As Calibration Center, in addition to calibration of G4-G6 natural gas meters, we also perform calibration activities of RMS-A and client stations. The thoroughness and meticulousness during the calibration period of the meters are also shown in the calibration of pressure and temperature transmitters, which are more comprehensive and detailed.

In order to be conclusive in field analyses, correct methodology is a must

Sending the same type of measurement devices of different brands and different index groups to the calibration and making field analyzes based on the results will be useful for distribution companies for the sake of measurement safety.

As Zorlu Energy Calibration Center, we are creating a data set by taking into consideration the technical criteria of thousands of meters coming to our laboratories for various reasons such as periodic inspections, defects, repair or customer calibration requests. We provide feedback to the distribution company for the interpretation of the analysis by considering different variables over the data prepared in digital environment. In addition to this, we contribute to the development of solutions through appropriate methodologies to conduct field analyzes and action plans.

In which cases calibration is required?

We need calibration;
If the results from the measuring device are doubtful ,
If the measuring device is not used in accordance with the instructions,
If functional malfunctions have occurred on the device for various reasons,
If the periodical calibrations are not performed,
If there is intervention in the adjustment mechanisms ,
If there is a problem in balance,
If we want to know and interpret the measurement error curve of field measurement equipment and to prepare a calibration plan accordingly,

Enterprises that have measuring instrument in their operations such as the natural gas distribution companies or the companies in the organized industrial zones, should calibrate their measurement devices and equipment during the legal obligatory periods. Additionally, they should also calibrate their devices by taking random samples according to a certain hierarchy in the interim periods. Thus, experimental studies in the laboratory can determine the deviations, other failures and problems in measurement and guide us accordingly.