Zorlu's sun will rise with its ecosystem

Zorlu Enerji, in the field of solar energy where it made significant investments, brought business people at the Solar Summit, held in Istanbul from different cities of Turkey in order to develop partnerships that will create an ecosystem in Turkey.

Zorlu Enerji took another important step to spread its expertise in the field of solar energy all over Turkey. Zorlu Enerji, bringing business people from different cities in Istanbul by Solar Summit it organized, has realized another first in Turkey towards creating ecosystems in the field of solar energy.

In the meeting with many SME representatives from Anatolia, hosted by Zorlu Enerji Solar Director Evren Evcit, Sales Manager Mehmet Özenbaş also made an impressive presentation about the opportunities for solar energy.

Zorlu Enerji Solar Director Evren Evcit: "We will transfer our knowledge and possibilities in the solar energy field to all Turkey"

Delivering the opening speech of the meeting, Director Evren Evcit said that they did not only invested in this area, they obtained solar energy development and creation of solar energy ecosystem as their mission in Turkey. Evcit stated that they had organized many meetings on this subject and Solar Summit would be an important milestone in this regard, and he continued as follows: “When we look at the rate of increase, 2017 was the year in which solar energy first passed all other sources. The installed capacity will pass Wind Energy in 2025, Hydroelectricity in 2030 and coal before 2040. In our country, the installed power based on solar energy with the directive role of the state on this issue and the investments of the private sector reached 5.063 MW. In order to meet our increasing energy needs as a country every day, when we think that we have to turn to imports and therefore we are unprotected against the movements in exchange rates, the sun is the most important source of domestic and renewable energy. For this reason, we are trying to explain the power of solar energy systems in every program we organize or participate as Zorlu Enerji.

We tell you that we need to create an ecosystem in order to make a real leap in this area, where we have a high potential especially on the roof side as a country.  As part of a group that has taken sustainability at the center of its business model, we think that the sun is the only solution for realizing a better life dream and balancing electricity prices. To this end, we invest in solar panels on the roofs with a 360 degree view to the solar energy systems. We aim to increase our solution partners network from 20  to 50 until May, and to cover all our cities by the end of 2019. Our solution partners, who will present Zorlu Enerji's experience on the roofs with appropriate financing solutions in their regions, were selected from among the serious companies who are competent in their fields and who have received all the necessary technical and commercial training by Zorlu Enerji.

We anticipate that the individual and industrial roof market will accelerate in the second half of 2019 as a result of the offsetting we expect to see soon. In order to form solar energy ecosystem targeted, we will supply our knowledge experience and all of the means by our solution partners covering Turkey with bringing together the most appropriate technical and financial solutions and will bring solar to the industry. I believe that this meeting will provide a significant contribution to all of us by creating new business partnerships to create this ecosystem. In the long run, both our country and us and everyone who dreams of a more livable world will win.

Solar Sales Manager Mehmet Özenbaş: "We are leader in the world over 20,000 MW of a global project reference and in Turkey with our product over 500 MW.”

Sales Manager Mehmet Özenbaş, who made a very comprehensive presentation at the meeting, stated that they had a very high know-how about solar energy systems as Zorlu Enerji and they continued to improve themselves with the implementations and international business partnerships. Özenbaş stated that with the solar energy systems that would be spread all over the country, they could enlarge this cake together and continued as follows: "As Zorlu Enerji 87% of our power plants is based on renewable energy resources in Turkey. As of today, our investment process for the installation of 400 MW for solar energy systems, one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources, continues. In this regard, extending from high technology to the access network all over Turkey, from warranty and after-sales service management from a single point to special financing options, we offer a wide range of solutions. We perform the domestic production of membrane based and aluminum framed solar panels. We are also the exclusive distributor of First Solar PV thin film solar panels in 26 countries. We have agreements with the world's leading inverter and O & M companies. Today, we are the world leader with a global project reference of over 20,000 MW and leader in the industry with our product installed over 500 MW. Especially in the installation of solar panels on the roofs, we have undertaken very important and large projects. The world's largest, single point thin film roof which we installed in Osmaniye Organized Region is one of the best examples of that. When we think that solar energy is the only sufficient source for fixing and resetting electricity prices, which is one of the most important items of product unit cost in industry, we have great opportunities. The potential of our country in solar energy and the fact that the costs in solar energy systems are decreasing day by day are strengthening our hand. Together, we can grow this cake and make our country one of the world's leading countries in solar energy systems.