Human Resources Policy

As Zorlu Enerji, we believe that we will shape the energy of the future with the power we derive from passion, devotion and loyalty of our employees, whom we see as our greatest asset. We determined our Human Resources policy and practices with this understanding.

We consider diversity, equality of opportunity, and participation as the basis of innovation and development. Keeping this in mind, we focus on creating an inclusive work environment for our employees. Here, in this work environment we have created, our employees have the opportunity to develop personal and professional abilities. At the same time, they have the chance to work purposefully on environmental, social, and governance.

As a result, our employees play an active role in constructing a sustainable life and building a better future with their efforts. One of the critical priorities of the new-generation human resources is to find meaning. We strive to achieve this with the inclusive work environment we offer.

With our approach, we are committed to providing our employees an environment where they can realize their dreams, do "good" not only for themselves but also for the world, take the initiative, act like entrepreneurs within the organization, and support continuous development.

Therefore, when choosing those who want to work with Zorlu Enerji by considering the principle of equal opportunity, we evaluate candidates who have big dreams for the world and themselves, open to development, and those willing to engage with our sustainability-oriented corporate culture, in addition to their competencies related to the position.

While creating our Human Resources Policy, we are aware that our most prominent stakeholder carrying our company to the future is our employees. In line with our vision of being the "Energy Company of the Future," we adopt human resources policies that serve the best and prioritize doing good for the world and developing human resources strategies. In line with this, it should touch people’s lives and create value, respect people, and always see differences as richness.

Elements of our human resources policy:

  • Creating an inclusive work environment that reinforces diversity, equal opportunity, and participation
  • Developing a positive, innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial business culture
  • Establishing the understanding of sustainability aiming at the good for the world
  • Promoting volunteering for social responsibility
  • Carrying out an open, transparent, and highly interactive communication management
  • Using technology and digitalization effectively in the human resources process
  • Providing training and development opportunities based on professional and personal development
  • Attracting and retaining talents in line with the vision of "The Energy Company of the Future"