Equal Opportunity

At Zorlu Enerji, we take diversity and inclusion as one of the most fundamental needs for building innovative and creative business culture in line with Zorlu Group’s strategy of Smart Life 2030. We consider developing a work culture and environment that applies diversity and inclusion criteria among our top priorities in this direction.



The main topics of our efforts focused on the equal opportunity are to ensure gender equality, combat the prejudices brought about by the concept of sexism, strengthen women's position in business life, and ensure the sustainability of the business by employing a less advantageous employee groups.

We are working to make Gender Equality (TCE) a corporate culture at Zorlu Enerji in this direction. On our journey, we set off by saying, "Equal Life is Possible for Everyone," we continue to work to make our discourse more equalitarian and workplace conditions to become more equitable and to implement new practices. We keep up cooperating with civil society, the academy, and the business world on this issue.

We have signed a joint initiative of UN Women and UN Global Compact, WEPs, which includes the principles that provide companies with a roadmap on promoting gender equality and empowerment of women in the workplace and society.

In this respect, we cooperate with various institutions, including WING (Women in Geothermal Platform), Renewable Energy and Energy Sector Turkish Women Group TWRE, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development EBRD.

Within these collaborations' framework, TWRE's 2020 International Women's Day Special Program was hosted by Zorlu Enerji with nearly 100 participants. As Zorlu Enerji, we have supported the mentoring program initiated for sector professionals with 6 female engineers.

We launched our TCE Project within the scope of our cooperation with EBRD and made an interim evaluation in 2020. We shared the content of our project in the panel of "BinYaprak," a sisterhood network where women who work and want to produce, share their experiences and offer each other opportunities. The panel also included different companies operating in the energy sector.

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