At Zorlu Enerji, we carry out the recruitment processes in line with our corporate goals and principles. With the code of "the right candidate for the right position," we operate within the framework of a policy that provides equal opportunities. In addition to the candidate's competencies required for the job, we pay particular attention to the candidate's ability to adapt to our positive, innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial corporate culture.

We invite candidates who have the knowledge, experience, and education level requested by the department to be recruited for the job interview. And we evaluate the core competencies and the technical competencies in terms of their adaptation to the company culture. We also perform personality inventory and foreign language tests if needed.

As Zorlu Enerji, we take the concrete steps for a sustainable life in line with "Smart Life 2030," which is the standardized strategy of Zorlu Group. Making sustainability a way of doing business in the activities we carry out, and our portfolio based on renewable resources and clean energy makes our company more preferable in time.

With projects which are firsts in Turkey, such as smart energy systems we realize as the Energy Company of the Future, electric car charging station network, and electric car rental, pioneering investments in hydroelectricity, geothermal and solar fields, clean energy-focused R&D projects supported by the European Union, our company is turning into a business environment where new-generation employees can realize their dreams for a better world every day.

Our company succeeds in uniting new graduates who prefer Zorlu Enerji as the starting point of their careers and professionals from different generations, who are successfully experienced in their fields, around the goal of a sustainable life. Zorlu Enerji continues to be a company that creates value for itself and our country and the world with its investment in diversity and talent.