Human Resources Policy

Zorlu Energy believes employees to be the most important resource in achieving its goals and strives to create systems in support of its vision, mission, principles and values, developing, enriching and facilitating the business life. In establishing a human resources policy, the Company aimed to act responsibly towards group companies, sensitive to employees and respectful to all stakeholders involved. 

  • We strive to put forth quality work on human resources,
  • To keep the human resources processes up-to-date to effectively support group companies in achieving the company objectives,
  • To increase effectiveness and efficiency in all matters of human resources,
  • To use technology and advanced methods in servicing and communicating with employees and developing systems,
  • To establish suitable work environments.

Zorlu Energy endeavors to employ competent staff and retain employees with high potential. The Company supports training, improvement and learning activities to create the experts of the energy industry in-house. 

The transition from the structure of staff department to human resources organization started by the end of 2005 in Zorlu Energy. The strategic HR practices developed afterwards have supported the institutionalization process; the unit has now become one of the important support functions of management. Zorlu Energy’s increasing need for employees due to new and growing business, its location and number of business fields have enabled the establishment of new human resources systems. Today, new systems are continually developed to support the motivation, development of employees from recruitment to the last work day.