Human Resources Practices


Zorlu Energy Company maintains an equal distance to all applicants. The Company aims to work with young and ambitious teammates able to accurately express themselves, balancing business and private life, having career objectives and awareness of the sector.

Individuals who fulfils the necessary company requirements related with knowledge, experience and education are recruited upon completing the standard recruitment process. In addition to their qualifications, applicants are evaluated for their technical and behavioral qualities.

Applicants are invited to take interviews, technical interview, English level test and aptitude test depending on the position they apply. Successful applicants’ references are verified. 

The recruitment process emphasizes that applicants’ individual objectives are in line with the company’s objectives.

Performance Management

The greatest factor in achieving the company’s objectives is the employees’ performance. The employees’ increasing performance in parallel with their personal and professional development translates to benefits both for employees and for Zorlu Energy Company. Companies’ annual objectives in their respective field are determined and shared with the company’s top level management teams. The performance evaluation system, which also focuses on the employees’ competences, are applied to all employees with 6 months of work time once every year. Performance evaluation results are reflected on the employees’ wages and guide the career plans and development activities. 


Zorlu Energy Company established its wage system using internationally applicable management tools in line with the size and degree of business. The scale is formed in consideration of the country’s economical conditions, as fair in the Company and competitive in the industry. Employees are awarded for performance to keep their motivation high.

Career Management

The Company supports technical and behavioral trainings for the career development of employees and aims to raise managers in-house. All employees are given managerial training based on their position in order to prepare individuals for the next level of position. 

Employees are involved in in-house promotion process with established standards in line with the business and performance results, in-house experience and competences. Upon meeting the requirements, employees can be assigned to the next position or a new field through rotation. Development and training is offered to ensure the employee to be accommodated and succeed in the new position.

Employees' Participation In Management

Employees can easily relay their opinions, requests and recommendations to the managers or respective units. Zorlu Energy Company moved many processes to the electronic media to ensure its structure spread over various locations does not hinder in-house communications, offering a transparent medium of communication for employees to relay all questions, recommendations and opinions using the corporate portal application “Open Line”, accessible by employees anytime and anywhere.

The site meetings held by managers on the basis of companies establishes a bilateral medium of communication and feedback. 

Essential regulations concerning the company are announced by the Chairman’s office; employees may directly contact the top management to relay their opinions and recommendations.

Employee Rights And Business Ethics

Observing fundamental human rights established by international rules and supporting the protection of such rules are the prime principles of Zorlu Energy Company. Respecting the variety of employees including race, origins, religious belief, gender, social status, nationality, age, physical disabilities and deficiencies and opposing all forms of discrimination, Zorlu Energy Company offers, as part of its employer commitment, equal opportunity to all employees, evaluating all based on performance rather than origins and beliefs. Protecting the reputation, privacy and personal rights of individuals, Zorlu Energy Company offers the same reflection as the organization to all employees. 

In Zorlu Energy Company, no individual is forced against their will to perform tasks outside their terms of reference. 

The privacy interaction between employee and institution is the clearest constitution of every company. Accordingly, employees’ personal information can only be used by the authorized staff in business-related processes. Every individual working in Zorlu Energy Company is assured that their personal information will remain in the company within the framework of confidentiality principles and will not be shared with any internal or external parties without administrative approval. Furthermore, employees fully observe the confidentiality of registered practices, company names, all technical information, including those in the database. 

The employees of Zorlu Energy Company cannot accept or request gifts, personal benefits or accommodation from any internal or external party which may influence the business and processes in breach of applicable laws and customary business practices. 

No employee may have personal connections and/or debt relations to deteriorate the company’s reputation and standing. Individuals cannot take part in the managerial boards of other organizations, including non-governmental organizations, without management’s approval. 

No person in Zorlu Energy Company can work in another job or have business relations for other legal entities. 

As mentioned before, Zorlu Energy Company respects the fundamental human rights. Company accepts every employee’s right to support social movements as citizens. However, employees cannot offer or provide any moral or material commitments to such political activities on behalf of the company. Furthermore, all employees should refrain from taking roles in any decisions of government or public bodies which may affect the Company. 

Zorlu Energy Company supports the difference of opinion among employees. However, this does not entitle employees to share political or personal views with the media on behalf of the Company.