Frequently Asked Questions

Shareholder Nominal Value ('000 TL)       Share (%)           
Zorlu Holding 941,615 47.1
Korteks 350,949 17.5
Other Zorlu Group Companies 8,000 0.4
Free Float 699,436 35.0
Total 2,000,000 100

Zorlu Enerji’s shares were offered to the public in 2000 and have been trading on Borsa Istanbul since then under the symbol ZOREN.

Zorlu Enerji’s free float is 35%.

Zorlu Enerji’s paid-in capital is TL 2,000,000,000.

Zorlu Enerji’s Board of Directors consists of 9 members, of whom three are independent Directors. The members of the Board include Zeki Zorlu (Chairman), Bekir Ağırdır (Vice Chairman), Ahmet Nazif Zorlu, Olgun Zorlu, Selen Zorlu Melik, Mehmet Emre Zorlu, Bekir Cem Köksal, Cem Mengi and Ayşegül İldeniz.

The General Assembly Meetings of Zorlu Enerji were held in the second quarter of the year for the last nine years. The date, time, location and agenda of the meetings are announced on the Public Disclosure Platform (, E-General Assembly System of Merkezi Kayıt Kuruluşu AŞ (Central Registry Agency) and the Company’s website as well as through the Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Zorlu Enerji’s fiscal year is the 12-month calendar year (January - December).

The Company distributes profit in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Market Regulations, Tax Regulations and other pertinent legislation as well as the profit distribution provision of its Articles of Association. The amount of profit to be distributed and the date of distribution are approved by the General Assembly, upon the proposal of the Board of Directors.

Zorlu Enerji has adopted the profit distribution policy of distributing at least 25% of its distributable profit in cash and/or in the form of bonus shares. Board of Directors shall review this policy every year, by taking into account the national and global economic conditions, Company’s growth and investment plans and financial position. Revisions made in the policy shall be submitted to the approval of the shareholders at the first General Assembly meeting following such revisions and the policy will be published on the Company’s web site.

Distribution of profit shall commence on the date determined by the General Assembly, provided that it is no later than the end of the year in which the General Assembly meeting is held. Subject to the provisions of the legislation in force, the Company may consider distributing advance dividends or paying dividends in equal or in varying installments.

Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Üretim AŞ recorded TL 38,207 thousands of net profit in its consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with the Turkish Accounting Standards/Turkish Financial Reporting Standards as per the Capital Market Law and related Communiqués and TL 258,860 thousands of net profit in its statutory financial statements prepared as per the Turkish Commercial Code and Tax Procedure Law. In view of the Company’s CMB and statutory financial statements, it is determined that no profit distribution could be made for the year 2020 due to accumulated losses from previous years and this matter has been presented to the information of shareholders at the Company’s 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Zorlu Enerji’s issued capital is divided into Class A and Class B shares. Each share has one voting right. Class A shares have the privilege to “nominate candidates to the Board of Directors”.

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