Environmental Protection Activities

We manage all activities and investments within the framework of our environment policy and principles in order to ensure the efficient use of energy for sustainable growth, controlling emissions, preserving social values including the nature and cultural heritage.

The Group operates within the scope of the integrated management system comprising ISO 9001 Quality Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which support the sustainability activities. As per these systems, internal and external audit processes are implemented, employee training is carried out with annual plans.

In planned investment areas, environmental and social management plans are prepared in light of the environmental and social impact assessments as per our Sustainability Policy and all activities are managed in line with pre-investment, investment and operating periods within the framework of national and international standards in order to minimize the environmental and social impact.

Zorlu Energy considers the environment as a heritage for future generations, and conducts its activities within an environmental management system based on raising awareness on the environment to create a better world and preserve natural resources.
In this regard, in all activities of Zorlu Energy Group;
• Materials and technologies are selected to minimize negative environmental impact.
• The most efficient use of energy and natural resources is ensured.
• Systems are developed to prevent pollution at its source before it occurs.
• Wastes (solid, liquid, gas) are kept under control and disposed without harming the environment.
• National and international legal laws and regulations on environment are observed.
• Employees and contractors are trained to raise awareness on the environment.
• Environmental impact analyses are carried out in the new investments and technologies are used to minimize the impact, environment management plans are prepared and implemented.
• To minimize the effect of global climate change, greenhouse gas emissions are reported, monitored and managed transparently.
• Sustainability performance is transparently shared with the stakeholders biannually as per the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) methodology.
• A party to the United Nations Global Principles Compact through the parent company Zorlu Holding A.Ş, Zorlu Energy Group shares its performance each year with stakeholders regularly and transparently.
Zorlu Energy is the first Turkish energy company to attain a quality certificate. The Company also holds TS/EN ISO 9001-2000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 14064-1 Certificates and Integrated Management System.

In all projects, we take action to minimize emissions in order to support the nation’s energy efficiency and preserve the nature. We accredit our technical and administrative processes as per international standards to carry out operation and maintenance activities in renewable energy and natural gas plants in line with the energy efficiency objectives.

Energy Efficiency Practices in Gökçedağ Wind Power Plant (RES):

Wind Boost Project
Implemented to 31 turbines in 2013, the Wind Boost Project has been expanded to 54 turbines in 2015. The rated capacity of 2.5 MW per turbine has been increased to 2.75 MW, achieving an average annual increase of 12,507,653.47 kWh in generation.

Relocation Project
To ensure the expected efficiency in the 12 turbines in Gökçedağ RES plant site, the turbines have been relocated to areas with stronger winds and greater efficiency. As a result of the relocation of turbines, 53,635,941.67 Kwh of increase in electricity generation has been achieved in 2015.

WIOM Project (Winter Ice Operation)
Due to the elevation of the plant, the turbine wings suffer icing in winter, leading to generation losses due to the weight of the ice. Within the scope of the WIOM Project implemented as of 2013, the software improvement of turbines reduced the icing-related generation losses by 45%.

TPO (Turbine Pitch Optimization) Project
An annual 1% increase in electricity generation is targeted using improvements in the Turbine Rotor Blade Pitch software. The necessary infrastructure work of the project has been completed and the project is planned to be commissioned in 2016.

Energy Efficiency in Alaşehir I Geothermal Energy Plant (JES)
Alaşehir I Geothermal Energy Plant using injection pumps with a total power of 4.2 MW, used for the re-injection of geothermal plant, received drivers equipped to 6 pump groups used in the level cooling, reducing the total power consumption per hour from 90 kW to 38 kW, saving nearly 60% energy.

Gas Turbine Evaporative System
Using air input with evaporative cores in Bursa and Yalova Natural Gas Plants, the cooling of the inside of gas turbines in optimal conditions has been ensured, increasing the incineration efficiency of turbines and generating more energy using the same amount of fuel. The essential idea in this system is to cool the air input, thus increasing the power output in MW.

In all investments, Zorlu Energy analyses the impact of projects on the environment and mitigates the possible negative effects beyond the legal and administrative requirements, and even develops and implements environmental management an investment plans and programs to create additional value. In line with the results of environmental and social impact assessments, detailed biodiversity studies, regular ornithological monitoring and ecosystem evaluations are carried out. These studies determine the current situation in order to prepare monitoring and intervention plans and measures are taken to prevent the disruption of habitat, habitats are restored with landscape restoration plans in completed constructions.

Below are the significant habitat management and biodiversity studies where the exceeded national legal requirements:

• Kızıldere I, II and III GES Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and Management Plan

• Kızıldere I GES Helitrophium Thermophilum Preservation Program

• Sami Soydam Sandalcık Dam and HEP Project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

• Alaşehir I GES Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

• İkizdere HEPP Biodiversity Studies

• Tirebolu HEPP Biodiversity Studies (Investment cancelled in light of biodiversity decree and social causes.)

• Gökçedağ RES Bat and Bird Monitoring Program and Reports

• Sarıtepe and Demirciler RES Bat and Bird Monitoring Program and Reports

• Sarıtepe and Demirciler RES Ecosystem Assessment Studies

• Kızıldere III GES Fig Tree Transplantation Project

• Alaşehir I GES Landscape Repair Plan and Habitat Restoration

The First Bird Monitoring Radar of Turkey

In preservation of natural life, Zorlu Energy invested 500 thousand USD to protect the birds and turbines to establish the First bird monitoring radar of Turkey in Gökçedağ Wind Power Plant in 2011.

Initiating active operation in the spring of 2012, the Bird Radar System detects birds or flights of birds approaching wind plants and monitors in real time. Operationally, turbines can be temporarily stopped during the passage of birds or the LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) system can be used to issue sonic waves to alter the course of birds.

The data gathered in the bird monitoring studies and regular monitoring activities ensured that no birds casualties have been caused by the operation of Gökçedağ Wind Power Plant so far.

Kızıldere III GES Fig Tree Transplantation Project

Kızıldere GES license site is on agricultural land in the Great Menderes Plains between Aydın and Denizli, which is also the first and most important site of electricity generation using geothermal sources in Turkey.

As a result of the assessment carried out during the search for resources for the Kızıldere III geothermal energy plant with 95.2 MW installed power to be built in Kızıldere license site, it has been found that the plant site corresponds to a 40-decare agricultural area. The on-site examinations revealed that the designated area is olive grove and houses healthy fig orchards and vineyards, thus the plant site was changed as per the company's sustainability policy. The fig orchards with old and diseased trees in the site have been identified to minimize the environmental impact. The assessment revealed that the trees in the site need to be moved for the plant construction, and a technical evaluation report was attained in February 2015 to relocate the healthy trees in the area and the transplantation work was agreed upon. The transplantation was initiated in November 2015 with the relocation of 933 healthy trees and completed in late December 2015.

The protection and maintenance of relocated trees continues intensively.

Water is an important resource for the activities of our group. In particular, the fundamental input for our natural gas plants is water and natural gas. In addition to electricity generation, the plants produce and sell steam; the steam is also used in turbine cycles to generate additional energy. The energy generation plants consume significant amounts of water for steam production and in coolant systems. As it is the main input of the steam cycle, water consumption increases consumption and must be used efficiently.

Lüleburgaz Natural Gas Plant Waste Water Recycling Plant
Lüleburgaz Natural Gas Cogeneration Plant has high water consumption as it provides the steam needed in Zorluteks and other nearby factories. The water needed in this plant is attained through underground water wells. A Waste Water Recycling Plant has been established in Zorlu Energy Lüleburgaz Plant to provide the maximum 110 m3/hour water needed in the coolant tower due to the current situation of Ergene Basin. The coolant water needed in the plant is provided by Zorluteks’ waste water treatment plant output without direct use of natural resources. The waste water recycling plant provided 15,033 tons in 2014 and 10,153 tons of clean water in 2015 used in the processing.