Occupational Health and Safety

Our company exercises utmost care for the health and safety of our employees within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy and TS 18001 OHS Management System practices. All facilities carry out danger definition and risk assessment studies.

Occupational Health and Safety rules apply in all locations of Zorlu Energy. Occupational Safety Experts and Workplace Physicians are employed in all workplaces and our teams prepare risk analysis and emergency plans in all work areas. There are OHS employee representatives in all sites and employees and contractors are provided with OHS training.

Occupational Safety and Employee Health Policy
Employees’ health and safety is one of the fundamental elements of priority in Zorlu Energy’s activities. Zorlu Energy has carried out hazard identification and risk assessment studies in all sites of activity with respect to Occupational Health and Safety.

Within the scope of Zorlu Energy’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

  • Hazards are always identified beforehand with the participation of all employees and measures are implemented against losses, accidents or damage risks within the scope of health and safety principles,
  • To mitigate the negative impact of activities on health, all employees, contractors, clients and subcontractors are informed on health and safety, supported by training and cooperation is established with all bodies for public interest,
  • To prevent the recurrence of incidents and accidents and to improve performance, realistic reports on incidents and accidents are prepared and lessons are learned from such reports,
  • Persons contributing to the improvement of health and safety issues are rewarded,
  • Legal regulations in force on occupational health and safety are observed,
  • OHS Management System practices are constantly and regularly revised, supervised and improved,
  • The occupational disease and workplace safety factors of new facilities and processes are considered in the project design phase,
  • The Company holds the TS/EN OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety quality certificate.

Managers assigned to all work sites associated with Zorlu Energy are responsible for ensuring the implementation of this Policy in their units and taking necessary actions in relation to their operations.