Natural Gas Distribution

Zorlu Energy designs natural gas distribution network projects, makes infrastructure investments, activates networks and enables the safe and uninterrupted usage of natural gas for residences and industry in 27 residential areas in Trakya and Gaziantep regions.

On the other hand, our infrastructure has been established for all potential customers that may apply for subscription, with the exception of the newest regions.
According to the current number of users, we have achieved 65% of potential users in Trakya Region and 58% in Gaziantep. In the following years, we aim to increase the potential to 95% in both regions.

The full amount of the domestic natural gas produced in Trakya Region is supplied to consumers in the distribution area, thus contributing to the national economy. In this framework, natural gas procurement contracts are signed annually with the public and private companies producing natural gas.

Within the scope of Customer Satisfaction, the integration of Geographical Information System (GIS) project with Subscription Information System, Maintenance and Repair Information System and Emergency 187 systems has been ensured. Additionally, meter-reading, leak detection and similar site operations are directed via the GIS platform. GIS data is shared on the corporate intranet web domain and rendered accessible to end users.

To maximize the supply and system security and reliability of natural gas distribution gird, the SCADA system expansion project has been completed.
To ensure the safe use of gas for our customers, internal installation project approvals and gas connection processes are performed online and users’ periodical checks and system improvements of such processes are conducted.

Our Internal Installation Units conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys every week. Customers supplied with and using gas are called on the phone to receive their evaluations. Over 1000 customer satisfaction surveys have been completed in all regions so far. Survey results are used for monitoring customer satisfaction and the quality of business processes.