Employee Progress

Zorlu Energy’s Human Resources Principles include supporting employees to volunteer for social activities through social awareness and encouraging employees to always maintain the balance between personal and business lives. In this scope, we support employee volunteering activities and help expand the volunteer teams.


The volunteers from Zorlu Energy Headquarters and volunteers from GAZDAŞ regularly attend the Give&Gain Employee Volunteering Week activities organized by the Private Sector Volunteers Association (ÖSGD).
Between 2th and 11th May 2014, the Spring Gifts project has been carried out in cooperation with the Hope of Cancer Patient Children’s Foundation (KAÇUV) and activities have been carried out with a total of 115 children receiving cancer treatment in Şişli Etfal, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Çapa and Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculties, oncology-hematology clinics and KAÇUK Family House. Volunteers attended the entertaining and educative balloon activity in suitable locations in the treatment clinics and children were given small gift packages containing some of the materials they in the course of their treatment. As part of the Give&Gain Employee Volunteering activities and within the scope of “Our Energy for Children” project, the Green Dragon Environment and natural gas presentation prepared by GAZDAŞ volunteers were utilized to raise awareness of 2,181 elementary school children in 10 schools in Thrace and Gaziantep regions on the place of natural gas in our lives as a clean, economic and environment-friendly fuel.

As part of the Give&Gain Employee Volunteering Week activities carried out between 2nd and 10th May 2015, GAZDAŞ volunteers presented their Environment and Natural Gas awareness-raising presentations within Green Dragon project to 10 elementary schools in various provinces of Turkey with 50 volunteers. In light of the 5th June World Environment Day, 24 GAZDAŞ Volunteers explained the value of clean and efficient energy usage to 2,414 students in Gaziantep, Edirne, Kırklareli, Tekirdağ and Lüleburgaz.

As part of the “Our Energy for Autistic Children” project, 6 of our employees jogged in the 36th Istanbul Marathon hosted in 16 November 2014 and received donations for Tohum Autism Foundation, while 34 employees joined the Marathon and helped raise awareness on autism. In addition to providing free electricity, we supported the Foundation by providing donations on behalf of every employee. Tohum Autism Foundation educates autistic children and leads the way in including them to the society.

On behalf of our employees who ran in the 37th Istanbul Marathon hosted in 15 November 2015, our company made donation to the Tüvana Foundation for Children Willing to Read (TOÇEV). To contribute to the education of children, 21 volunteers have prepared for the marathon in periodical trainings since October and helped promote TOÇEV by wearing t-shirts and using various materials during the run. Our company supported the education of 13 students for one year by donating to TOÇEV. TOÇEV provides financial and spiritual support to children who wish to study, but lack the family funds or are forced to work.



As the Volunteers of Zorlu Energy , we convened with approximately 1,650 students in the village schools in investment areas, Erzurum, Erzincan, Tunceli, Tokat, Rize and Kars, as part of the “Our Energy for Village Schools” project since 2011. Children were gifted educational materials and clothing as a reward for their school reports and encouragement of achievement. 
In 2014 and 2015, the elementary and secondary schools in the Çıldır HEPP license and impact area in Kars Province, Arpaçay district have been scheduled into phases and supported with winter clothing (gloves, scarves, coats, shoes and socks). Within the scope of this activity, 10 employees of our company have been involved voluntarily in the process for 2 years and reached 600 students in 7 village schools.

On the other hand, to popularize and improve pre-school education, all employees donated the toys in their homes or newly purchased ones in 2015 to aid 31 kindergartens in 20 villages of Kars, Arpaçay

As part of our Zero Carbon Footprint Forests Project, the plant workers and managers as well as local populace, students of nearby schools and award-winning volunteers gathered in the 21st March World Forestry Day activities to conduct tree planting activities in a festival.