Human Resources Policy

Zorlu Energy believes employees to be the most important resource in achieving its goals and strives to create systems in support of its vision, mission, principles and values, developing, enriching and facilitating the business life. In establishing the company’s Human Resources Policy,  aimed to act responsibly towards group companies, sensitive to employees and respectful to all stakeholders involved.

Zorlu Energy :

  • Protects the rights and security of employees.
  • Offers career opportunities within the company in line with the competences and performance of employees.
  • To prevent discrimination in recruitment, waging, performance and employment contracting processes by age, gender, origins, religion, language, ethnical origins, sexual orientation, faith, marital, social or economic status, disability, political views, participation and membership in union activities, pregnancy or performance of military service, mechanisms to prevent discrimination are integrated into processes.
  • All employees are offered equal opportunity.
  • Employees are involved in decision-making processes.
  • Practices are developed to keep the employees’ loyalty and motivation high.
  • Opportunities are presented for the professional as well as personal development of employees.
  • The balance between the private and business lives of employees is prioritized.
  • The company endeavors to employ competent staff and retain employees with high potential.
  • The company supports training, improvement and learning activities to create the experts of the energy industry.