Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

We help reduce the nation’s foreign dependency in energy by investing in domestic, renewable and clean energy. We ensure the continuity and reliability of energy supply through our balanced portfolio.

We carry out all activities by adhering to our ethical rules and observing applicable laws and regulations.

We care about participation of stakeholders; our comprehensive strategy considers the stakeholders’ expectations, reduces risks and helps establish long-term and permanent relations. We inform the local populace, civil society and all relevant stakeholders about investments, ensuring active participation in our efforts. In addition to prioritizing local employment, we contribute to local development by supporting regional needs.

We offer convenient work environment and equal opportunity to our employees, our most important stakeholders, ensuring health and safety and investing in their development.

We measure and assess our investments’ environmental and social effect on natural and cultural heritage, and take measures to mitigate the impact. As part of the fight against climate change, we invest in advanced technologies and monitor energy efficiency to improve our processes and develop projects.

We highlight customer satisfaction, allowing customers to access electricity, natural gas and support services. We offer solutions to customers for using sustainable energy.