Zorlu Doğal Electricity Generation

Zorlu Doğal Electricity Generation


Zorlu Doğal Electricity Generation

Zorlu Doğal Elektrik Üretimi A.Ş. is established in 2008 aiming to develop projects to supply energy, steam and heat, and also hydroelectricity and geothermal plants being in the first place, to do feasibility studies for all kinds of renewable energy sources electricity production plants, commission them and sell the generated energy to its customers. 

On March 5th 2008, in the privatization tender of ADÜAŞ (Ankara Doğal Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş.) it took over 7 Hydroelectric Power Plant, 1 Geothermal and 1 Diesel (Gas turbine) Plant and started running them on September 1st 2008.

Zorlu Doğal won the tender and undertook the management rights of Hydroelectricity Power Plants in Tokat, Eskişehir, Kars, Rize, Erzurum, Erzincan and Tunceli along with Turkey’s highest capacity Geothermal Power Plant in Denizli for 30 years.

Aiming to grow with renewable energy investments, Zorlu Doğal is performing short and medium term rehabilitation works on its plants that have a total of 207,6 MW installed power capacity.

Prioritizing both local employment and natural agriculture in the management of its plants, Zorlu Doğal provides heating for houses and greenhouses, carbon dioxide for industrial gas plants and geothermal water for thermal hotels with Kızıldere I and II plants along with electricity production.

Operating on every field of the sector, Zorlu Enerji continues its endeavor with a quarter-century experience on renewable energy for a sustainable Turkey.