Power Plants Operations & Maintenance


Major inspection and overhauls of gas turbines require complete disassembly, inspection and repair or replacement of damaged parts. Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) owns the necessary workshops, tooling, engineering and manpower to execute those major maintenance activities. Gas turbine overhaul capability has reached to the level IV requirements. Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) also uses a wide spare part and component repair network to support those activities. Turkbine Teknik is the sister company of Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) which has factory level (level IV) overhaul capability of LM6000 gas turbines and CF6 series aircraft engines. Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) also provides shortest turn around time, lowest price, unmatched warranty and performance guarantees for the overhauled gas and steam turbines.

Certain modules (LPC, HPC, Combustor, HPT, LPT) of LM series gas turbines can be replaced at site. Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) owns considerable number of spare modules and necessary tooling for fast replacement. Spare modules would be provided as exchange assets or leased for limited period.

Damages on blades and vanes of compressor module of gas turbines can be located and repaired by experienced maintenance team.

Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) provides maintenance services to HRSG and other balance of plant equipments such as ACC, WCC and HRSG. When needed necessary components are disassembled, cleaned, inspected and repaired by Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) experties.

Experienced Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) inspection team performs borescope inspection to check the condition of internal parts of gas turbines and other machinery. Borescope inspection data are evaluated according to manufacturer limits to determine maintenance requirements and detailed reports are provided to the customer.