Power Plants Operations & Maintenance


Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is providing safe, reliable and cost effective operation and related support services which are essential for achieving expected turnover and competitiveness in the market. Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) provides services to power plants including combined cycle cogeneration, hydroelectric, wind and geothermal power plants with high efficiency and high availability guarantee. Reliable, efficient and productive plants operations are conducted by expert operation teams of Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) in accordance with production schedule and technical and environmental requirements. Weekly and monthly reports that include all site activities, detailed data of production and performance, inventory levels enable the plant owner to closely monitor the progress of the production.

Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) has developed and installed a remote monitoring system to all power plants. Outcomes of the remote monitoring system are utilized for health monitoring and proactive maintenance purposes by analyzing the collected data for trends and unexpected peaks. The system is also used to generate automated SMS messages to key personnel after certain alarms and shutdowns. The remote access of the SCADA systems of every plant is also established to monitor the operation and production activities and guides the site teams for better operation.

You can focus on your trade while we provide service solutions resulting in advanced operational performance, efficiency and reliability.