Power Plants Operations & Maintenance


Remote Monitoring and Health Monitoring systems which are developed by Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) control systems group are used to monitor power plant conditions in real-time and archive data. Data received from Health Monitoring and Remote Monitoring system are analyzed by our engineering group in order to prevent possible outages. Monitoring system allows you to minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs through early detection and correction of potential malfunctions.

Power Plant Control System modifications, DCS and SCADA design, installation and maintenance services are provided by highly trained and experienced control system group. Primary Frequency Control, Secondary Frequency Control and Tertiary Control are new regulations to obtain stable and high quality electricity on national network. These regulations are necessary to connect national electricity network to UCTE network. Zorlu O&M also achieves commissioning, test and installation of Frequency Controls. Reactive Power Control Systems can be established by Zorlu O&M.

Zorlu O&M provides technological development to improve the flexibility, performance and reliability of existing power plants and associated plant equipment. Experienced engineering group and control system group engineers work with customers to evaluate the new requirements and develop state of art control system.

Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) has a wide spare parts pool which contains all kind of requirements of power plants. Our strategically located warehouses enable prompt delivery of any part. Zorlu Enerji Operations & Maintenance (O&M) keeps considerable inventory of spare engines and modules which can be provided to our customers as lease or exchange units.